If you are a foreigner in Japan, intending to visit in future or thinking of settling there, Yummy Japan is your Bible of Japanese culture and cuisine. The Tokyo-based company Yummy Japan Inc., a multi-channel network (MCN) on YouTube, has recently launched their all new website, which is dedicated exclusively to foreigners who want to know about Japanese culture, cuisine, and way of life – all from a foreigner’s perspective.

A special live streaming event celebrating Yummy Japan’s website launch will be held at YouTube Space Tokyo, Roppongi, Minato-ku on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 6:30 p.m. onward (Tokyo time). Chris Broad, a British YouTuber, will do a live streaming to commemorate the website launch.

Other special guests include popular YouTubers and video contributors who fall under the Yummy Japan network, popularly known as “Yummy Creators,” such as Eat your Kimchi , Jason and Megwin TV . Yummy Japan has 30+ channels featured on its YouTube account and has about 50 foreign YouTubers. The event is a talk show where people will be treated to useful information about Japan in a fun way. Register here for the live event.

The portal is easy-to-use but all information is available in video format. When asked on why the company chose to share information only through videos, it was suggested that users are more comfortable with videos and that even a 1-minute clip can contain 1.8 million words which is the same amount as 3,600 web pages. The portal has more than 1,000 videos and constantly updating to educate foreign nationals on the Japanese way of life.

Users can register with the portal through their social media accounts. The portal has meticulously categorised its videos such as food, places, sightseeing etc. It also has a separate section for “Muslims in Japan.” Users can search by location such as Shibuya and Asakusa or by their favourite “ Yummy Creators.” The website is connected to Google Maps. A pin on the map where the creator has made the video directs users on how to get there.

Yummy Japan has included features such as blog writing and saving favourite blogs and videos on user profiles. If someone is outside and wants to get directions to a shop, that is also possible through phones.

Source: YouTube/ Yummy Japan

Source: YouTube/ Abroadin Japan

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