The triple nomination on Week 4 of the live performances on “The X Factor USA” saw Carlos Guevara, Sweet Suspense and Rachel Potter get eliminated. Except for Guevara who admitted not being surprised when voted off, the two others had a chance with their mentors rooting for them as they performed for America’s votes.

America certainly has a mind of its own. If it were for the judges, Tim Olstad and Carlito Olivero were the ones sent home on second elimination show on Nov. 14, Thursday.

The judges were not at all impressed with their performances on vote night on Nov. 13, Thursday. Both Olstad and Olivero received harsh comments from the judges (except from their mentors) and judging by the comments of the panel, Olstad and Olivero were on the chopping block.

Tim Olstad: “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins.
The 23 year-old restaurant server began his performance with strong vocals. Unlike the other acts, Olstad did not use too many back-up dancers except for a long-haired female in white top and black underwear.

Doing her own interpretation dance of Olstad’s rendition of Collins’ legendary song, the “X Factor” hopeful was seen singing from the center of a dark, smoky stage.

But the stage design and the single dancer moving around Olstad did not at all sit well for British veteran judge, Simon Cowell and returning TXFU judge, Demi Lovato.

Cowell said the dancer, he likened to a ghost was “distracting.”

“I’m distracted of the weird dance behind you, it was a bit horror movie,” Cowell said of the female dancer before adding, “You’ve got to do a little bit outside of your comfort zone.”

Kelly Rowland thought it was “flat.”

Rowland said, “I adore you, but I have to be honest, that still fell flat for me this week.”

Demi Lovato gave out the harshest and sharpest criticisms to Tim’s choice of song from the 80s. She was the only judge in the panel who claimed that the hopeful from Winona, MN should be sent home on Week 13.

Demi praised Tim for his strong vocals but it was not good enough for the Latina singer who reiterated the TXFU hopeful does not have the “X Factor.”

“You have a wonderful voice but there’s no X Factor. You’re just aren’t growing at all. The dancer stole the show,” Demi began of her response on Tim’s performance, before adding, “If it were up to me you would go home this week.”

It is no surprise Paulina Rubio was the only one on the panel who came in Tim’s defense. She commended Tim of his performance, claiming no one else could cover Collins’ song like he did.

You’re giving it your all.” Rubio said, before adding, " You did is to do the song your own. You sang like Tim.”

The judges may have mixed reactions on Tim but America has spoken. Tim stayed.

Carlito Olivero: “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” by Gloria Estefan
Joining Olstad in the chopping block last week was Carlito Olivero, a 24-year old coffee shop attendant from Valley Village, CA.

His back story on the introductory video set the mood for Olivero. Shown in a couple of scripted sequences in the clip, Olivero was seen in an intense and emotional introduction before he performed his song choice from the 80s.

Then came the production number. Olivero’s vocals showed some promise as his voice sounded strong when he hit the high notes. A look at the video showed that the TXFU hopeful was also good with his feet as he danced with Estefan’s hit song.

But all the judges expressed concern on Olivero’s tendencies to get lost in a performance as he danced while singing.

Kelly Rowland likes not his performance but his face and his overall looks. She thinks he’s hot and impressed by his biceps.

Rowland said, “I think your eye candy to look at it, but I think sometime you are not into it and are straining to sing.”

The “X Factor” judge noted that Olivero should work more being comfortable on stage, reiterating that he should come out as hot as he looks

Demi commended Olivero’s good dance moves and thought that Estefan’s song was a perfect choice for him.

“My only problem is I paid more attention to the dancers than you. You were getting lost in the performance, it was not for me,” Demi said.

It was Simon Cowell who declared Olivero should go home. Before Simon gave out his take on his performance, the British mogul asked Olivero his age and then proceeded with some advice of what the hopeful must do should he get another chance.

Simon said, “If you stay, which is doubtful, you got to start taking of control now because you are good.”

The soon-to-be-dad even noted that Olivero is like a dancer who can sing and he suggested that he should focus more on his vocals.

“You had two bad weeks in a row. I think you go home,” Simon added.

Paulina Rubio, Olivero’s mentor, summed up what her fellow judges said of the “X Factor” hopeful by looking into his face, claiming she senses “fear” and “discomfort,” in Olivero as he performed.

Rubio said, “What we need to do is work on your face. You are a great singer and dancer. But I am going to work on your face.”

Are they still safe?
As Top 10 finalists perform on Episode 17, Olstad and Olivero had notes to consider and work on if they want America to vote for them to stay for the win.

But the remarks made by the judges have left audience some questions:
- Will they still be safe on Week 9?
- Has Tim finally developed an “X Factor?”
- Will there be less dancing for Olivero this week?

Episode 17 airs on Fox on Nov. 20, 2013.

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Carlito Olivero: "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" by Gloria Estefan

Tim Olstad: "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins

Credit: YouTube/The X Factor USA