The judges of The X Fact or USA have sung the same tune on three acts on episode one for week 8 of the Fox reality singing competition - - except the contestants’ respective mentors who attempted to defend their own.

Of the Top 12 finalists who performed songs from the 80s for America’s vote on Wednesday, Nov 13, three of the acts did not leave the stage with flying colors. One of them is Tim Olstad, a 23 year-old restaurant server from Winona, MN.

The judges may have mixed reactions, but their holistic take on Olstad go in one direction - - he has the vocals potential, but he is likely not performing next week.

Here’s why Tim Olstad failed to impress the judges with his rendition of "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins:

Tim Olstad is under Paulina Rubio’s “Boys” wing and the Latina singer was all out support for Olstad on Wednesday’s episode. Paulina thought that Olstad was giving everything he’s got and noted that she was not asking for more since she felt Tim was singing like “Tim,” one that only Tim can deliver.

He started strong with his rendition of Phil Collins’s Against All Odds. His vocals came out strong and he sounded good during his performance. But it was not good enough for Kelly Rowland.

Rowland thought Olstad’s performance was flat, but she pointed out, that she adored him just the same. His performance for the night did not sit well for the former X Factor UK judge.

Demi Lovato was less kind to Tim. The Latina singer told Tim and America flat out, that the young hopeful “should go home,” by the end of the evening. To justify her take on Tm’s performance, Demi began by praising him with the quality of his voice, which as earlier hinted by Rubio as one reason he is in the cohmpetition. But Demi emphasised, his vocals is not enough. Worst, Demi added, she believed that Tim has no “X Factor.”

The British mogul found himself nothing more to say after hearing Demi. He began his remarks by echoing Demi’s opinion of Tim and he said: “Demi is right.”

But Simon Cowell pointed out what the three ladies failed to mention (if not see) during Tim’s performance - - the girl in white top and black underwear performing a dance interpretation while Tim was singing.

Simon said, it was “distracting,” even compared the performer to a ghost. The veteran judge reiterated that the girl’s participation in the performance was even irrelevant to Tim’s overall production number.

The soon-to-be-dad even advised Tim “if he comes back, which is doubtful,” he quipped in between, “to do more outside of his comfort zone,” noting that things are a bit more “predictable for Tim.

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