The judges have sung the same song for Tim Olstad and Carlito Rivero. The two hopefuls failed to impress the judges on Week 8 of “The X Factor USA,” and both were told that they should go home this week.

But America was not in tune with the judges and they sent home Rachel Potter and Sweet Suspense instead during the double-elimination on the “X Factor” on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013. Potter is a 29-year old bartender from Nashville, TN while Sweet Suspense is a three-female group formed on the “X Factor.”

Sweet Suspense was the first act to get the boot, according to Mentored by Simon Cowell, the three-member group was said to have received the lowest number of votes for the evening despite a strong attempt by the British mogul to defend his act after their performance the night before.

When called on stage, one of the group’s members, Millie Thrasher thanked her two new friends in her farewell comment.

"I think we're so grateful to be here. The fact that you guys put us together gave us a whole new experience that we would have never thought of otherwise. And I'm so glad I have these two amazing girls to stand by,” Thrasher was quoted as saying by

Sweet Suspense was formed on the “X Factor” and Simon Cowell had great confidence in them. The veteran judge could not hide his surprise when he found out that one of his groups did not make the cut.

"I can't believe it. I thought they were fantastic last night. Without being rude, there were worse people than you last night,” Simon said, according to

Joining Sweet Suspense on the bottom three were Khaya Cohen and Rachel Potter but it was Potter who majority of the judges decided to send home.

Cohen and Potter both performed well on Wednesday’s episode on Week 8. Cohen impressed the judges with her rendition of Madonna’s “Borderline,” while Potter had the audience screaming and Demi calling it “phenomenal,” with her cover of “Alone” by Heart.”

But Cohen and Potter did not get as many votes as Tim Olstad and Carlito Rivero did, who were both even declared by the judges not having the “X Factor” and should in fact go home.

As such, Cohen and Potter each performed a “save-me” song to convince the judges that they deserve to stay. According to, Cohen took the stage with a passionate cover of Joe Cocker’s “Don’t Give Up on Me,” while Potter appeared “shaky,” with her take of Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On.”

All the judges, except, Kelly Rowland, Potter’s mentor, voted for Cohen to stay. Potter was the second act to be booted off the show on the “X Factor” USA Week 8.

Rachel Potter from Kelly Rowland’s “Over 25s” and," Sweet Suspense from Simon Cowell’s “Group,” completed the three acts eliminated this week. They joined Carlos Guevara, the 16-year old from Lexington, SC who was eliminated on Nov. 13.

With the three acts ousted from the show, the “X Factor USA” 2013 Season 3 is now back on its course after naming its Top Final 10.

Watch VIDEOS of the Top 12 acts as they performed for the vote with songs from the 80s. Click here. More photos of the Top Final 12 acts can be found here.

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Rachel Potter

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Sweet Suspense

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