Former “X Factor UK” contender Mason Noise messed with the wrong fandom when he posted an Instagram message which took a jab at Liam Payne.

Noise recently uploaded a photo of himself and the One Direction singer, which was taken during the controversial contender’s stint in the reality singing competition. He wrote on Instagram, “One of the highlights of my experience, meeting one of Harry Styles backing singers @onedirection #XfactorFinal #onedirection.” Noise also included a winking emoji to the post.

The Instagram message may have been a joke; unfortunately, it rubbed some of the One Direction fans the wrong way. In an interview with The Sun, Noise revealed that he received mixed comments for his Instagram post and has also experienced fierce backlash from angry One Direction fans.

"There were loads of comments,” he shared with The Sun. “I had a few people say that I made their night and I had some people say there's a special place in hell for me, but I kind of knew that already. I got told to kill myself by 12 year old girls. I didn't expect it. Just like you would banter your lads in the pub, it was a funny thing."

Noise also joked that he has taken extra precaution to protect himself from livid One Directioners. He said during his The Sun interview, "I went shopping today and I got a stab-proof vest and I wear that around now."

Despite the angry feedback from One Direction fans, Noise insisted to The Sun that he has nothing against the four-member band. He even admitted how he would “sing along” to a One Direction song when it gets played on the radio. “They’re great guys,” he added.

Meanwhile, Noise has been one of the controversial contenders on “X Factor UK” this year. The singer was noticeably absent during the competition’s grand finals, where former contenders and the top finalists reunited for a special performance. However, he explained that there was a miscommunication on the hotel arrangements, which prevented him from attending the “X Factor UK” grand finals on Sunday.

"It wasn't really a choice,” he explained. "There was some problem with my management and The X Factor and then miscommunication logistically so I couldn't get there.”

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