Mason Noise speaks up about his departure from “X Factor UK” and explained he was in a “drugged” state during his final live show performance.

The aspiring singer, who was part of judge Nick Grimshaw's team, was sent home after a flash vote during “X Factor UK’s” live show held Saturday, Nov. 21. Although he did thank his fans for supporting him all throughout his “X Factor UK” stint, he also called out viewers who didn’t vote for him. Apart from that, Noise also revealed that his departure from the reality singing competition was due to other reasons, Mirror reported.

Noise revealed that he was sick and taking in “loads” of medicine during his final performance. "I’ve had really bad flu and swollen n glands,” he explained to Daily Star. “I’ve had to go on voice rest. We’ve had to see how it goes. You just drug up and do what you can. All the way through I knew I had to just suck it up and perform.”

He also shared that the doctors had advised him to take in “loads of painkillers and Ibuprofen.” Noise was also told to get “lots of sleep” so he could recuperate.

However, during Noise’s recent interview at Good Morning Britain, he denied claims that he was in a “drugged up” state during his final stage at “X Factor UK,” Express reported. He stated that he had only taken "two Ibuprofen" prior the show.

The former “X Factor UK” contender has had a controversial journey in the competition. Noise made news after standing up to “X Factor UK” judge and showrunner Simon Cowell during the show’s Six Chair Challenge, where he also walked out of the stage. Noise was even booed heavily by viewers when judge Grimshaw chose him to return to “X Factor UK” given former contender Tom Bleasby’s unexpected departure from the show.

However, despite gaining the lowest votes during Saturday’s flash elimination, Noise told Hello! online that he was ready to leave “X Factor UK.” He explained that his “style wasn’t reflected on the X Factor" and he would have “sacrifice[d] too much" of himself had he stayed on longer in the competition.

Meanwhile, five acts remain in “X Factor UK” namely Che Chesterman, Reggie n Bollie, Louisa Johnson, Lauren Murray and 4th Impact.

“X Factor UK” airs every Saturday and Sunday in the UK on ITV.

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