Mason Noise has spoken up about his absence from the “X Factor UK” grand finals and revealed it was all due to a hotel miscommunication.

“X Factor UK” ousted contender Noise was noticeably absent during the competition’s grand finals held on Sunday, where former contestants reunited with the finalists for a Downtown performance. At that time, the controversial singer posted a cryptic note on Twitter, which led to speculations that he shunned the reality singing competition’s final show.

However, Noise recently clarified that he wanted to appear in the “X Factor UK” grand finals but was unable to do so because of logistical problems, Express reports. He stated, "It wasn't really a choice. There was some problem with my management and The X Factor and then miscommunication logistically so I couldn't get there.”

He explained that the arrangement for the hotel “wasn't sorted,” which prevented him from attending the competition’s grand finals show held in Wembley Arena.

"It was logistics…” Noise added. “The show just didn't get back to us. I think it must have just been by accident, either they couldn't work it out or didn't respond."

A source from “X Factor UK” told Express that they tried to contact Noise several times to relay performance and rehearsals details. However, Noise did not respond, according to the source.

Despite missing the reunion performance with “X Factor UK” finalists and former contenders, Noise stated that it was not a “great loss” on his part. He shared, "After watching it, it wasn't a great loss. After watching it, I was like, well, I don't think I would have fitted in there."

Noise, who walked off the stage after an argument with “X Factor UK” showrunner Simon Cowell, also stated that he will “definitely” be part of the upcoming “X Factor UK” tour, which is set to happen next year.

Meanwhile, Noise’s absence from competition’s grand finals and cryptic Twitter post was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some asked why he wasn’t at Wembley Arena with other “X Factor UK” ousted contestants and even conveyed their support for the singer.

Twitter user @swiftmom044 wrote, “@itsmasonnoise where was u tonight..u deserve to be there,” while @SperrySperry1 stated, “@itsmasonnoise don't blame you not wanting to sing Downtown.. Even Monica (Michael) looked uncomfortable.”

Some were not as supportive and questioned the singer’s cryptic post and absence. Twitter user @lukebarnes6 wrote, “@itsmasonnoise think [your] pride may have got in the way of your future dude.” Twitter user @sarah_jane41 also left a scathing remark on Twitter when she stated, “@itsmasonnoise You are so d--- ungrateful, you got given a second chance. Now you think you're [too] good to go back for the final.”

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