Tuesday’s live decider show of the “X-Factor Australia” Season 7 left fans in shock with the exit of Natalia Conway from the competition.

Conway and Mahalia Simpson landed at the bottom two after Monday’s live show of the “X-Factor Australia,” according to Rickey.org. For Tuesday’s singing showdown, Conway sang Sinead O’Connor’s hit, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” while Simpson performed Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama.”

“X-Factor Australia” judges Dannii Minogue and Chris Isaak voted to keep Simpson safe, with Isaak commenting that there’s “something unique” about the singer. James Blunt supported his act, Conway, and opted to have her stay in the competition.

Meanwhile, Guy Sebastian voted to eliminate Simpson and forced a deadlock. The deadlock vote is the first for this season, where the public will identify which contender will leave the reality singing competition. In Tuesday’s live decider show, Conway received the lowest vote and was sent home.

Despite being voted off “X-Factor Australia” Season 7, Conway is thankful for being part of the competition, Daily Telegraph reports. The 33-year-old aspiring singer stated that the reality singing competition has “changed [her] life in ways [she] never thought possible.”

“I’m more confident,” she said. “I’ve become a better singer, a better performer and I got to experience things I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Conway’s “X-Factor Australia” mentor, Blunt, even had high praises for the singer. He described Conway as an “angel” and said that it was a “joy” that he was able to work with her.

“My job as mentor has been incredibly easy as I’ve been working with a singer who’s far better than myself,” he said.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Simpson landed at the bottom two in Season 7 of the “X-Factor Australia.” Last week, Simpson faced off with Michaela Baranov, who was then voted off the competition. During competition's third live decider show, Simpson also landed at the bottom two and had a singing showdown with now ousted contender, Jimmy Davis.

Apart from Simpson, other contenders who made it to “X-Factor Australia” Season 7’s top 5 include Louise Adams, Big T, Cyrus Villanueva and the singing duo, Jess and Matt.

The next episode of “X-Factor Australia” will air on Monday at 7:30 pm with a mentor’s choice theme.

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