The fifth live decider show of “X-Factor Australia” Season 7 saw the departure of Michaela Baranov. She was voted off the competition, after a singing showdown with fellow teammate Mahalia Simpson.

Tuesday’s “X-Factor Australia” saw two girls of judge Dannii Minogue fighting to stay in the competition. Baranov and Simpson had found themselves at the bottom two after Monday’s live show. According to Sunshine Coast Daily, during Tuesday’s singing showdown, Baranov performed ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All,” while Simpson did a cover of India Arie’s hit “Ready for Love.”

Baranov failed to impress the “X-Factor Australia” judges with her performance. Judges Guy Sebastian, Chris Isaak and James Blunt all voted to send Baranov home. Minogue, on the other hand, opted to keep Baranov in Sseason 7 of “X-Factor Australia.”

Despite being ousted from the competition, Baranov said during Tuesday’s “X-Factor Australia” that being on the show has been a “dream come true” for her, adding, “I want to keep going and doing this forever."

“This has brought me a step closer to achieving my ultimate dream," she said.

In an interview with Pop Sugar, Baranov was also thankful that she had Minogue as her mentor on “X-Factor Australia” Season 7. She praised Minogue for being “such an incredible mentor.” Also she said that she received “so much amazing advice” from the “X-Factor Australia” judge.

Baranov also hinted at a little bit of animosity between her and “X-Factor Australia” judge Guy Sebastian. In the interview, she mentioned that she considers herself “lucky” that she had Minogue as a mentor and not Sebastian. She explained that “there’s something [that] Guy doesn’t like about [her]” and she’s not sure why.

“He hasn’t been able to articulate it,” she said. “Guy would always give feedback that was not constructive. So he’d say, ‘Well I didn’t like it but I can’t tell you why.’ So as a performer that’s very frustrating, because you want constructive criticism and you want to be able to take away feedback, and take away people’s opinions, process it, and then grow from it.”

Baranov even posted a cryptic message on her Twitter account that hinted at a possible indirect message to Sebastian. She wrote, “Love the support from guy #xfactorau #notaniceguy.”

Her twitter post garnered mixed reactions from fans. Twitter user Aly Amhaz wrote that Baranov shouldn’t “let him get to you” before adding “stay positive,” while another Twitter user Mandygee wrote, “Two other judges voted against you too. Why just single out Guy.It was time for you to go. #NotANiceRejectedXfactorContestant.”

The next episode of “X-Factor Australia” will air on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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