Cyrus Villanueva brought the house down during Monday’s “X-Factor Australia” live show. The aspiring singer even managed to overwhelm mentor Chris Isaak who was nearly in tears after Villanueva’s performance.

The fifth live show of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 had the seven finalists performing covers of some of the music industry’s trailblazers, according to Yahoo! TV. Villanueva, whose rock performance was criticised during last week’s live show, gave a faultless rendition of Adele’s hit “Rumour Has It” which impressed the competition’s judges.

Season 7 “X-Factor Australia” judge Guy Sebastian described Villanueva’s trailblazer performance as a “massive comeback” from last week and even called him a “star.” Judge James Blunt also had high praises for the 19 year old aspiring singer. "You are a pop star. Move over Justin Bieber," he said.

Vilanueva’s mentor Isaak was also very impressed with the Filipino-Australian’s “Rumour Has It” performance, and was even trying to hold back his tears when he told Villanueva how “proud” he was of the singer. In response, Villanueva told Isaak, “As long as he’s proud of me, I know I’ve done a good job.”

Isaak’s teary feedback during Monday’s “X-Factor Australia” live show also garnered positive comments from Twitter fans. In the reality competition’s official Twitter account, fans praised Isaak for showing his emotions. Twitter fan giulia demitri wrote, “@thexfactor_au @ChrisIsaak you are so beautiful!! It takes a real man to show emotions!!!” while Twitter user Jane Simpkins commented that Isaak’s team was “blessed to have [him] as their mentor.” She added, “@ChrisIsaak you’re such a gorgeous man.”

Meanwhile, “X-Factor Australia” fans who were impressed with Villanueva’s rendition of Adele’s “Rumour Has It,” also took to the show’s official Twitter account to voice their opinions. Fans wrote how much they loved Villanueva’s performance and even complimented the singer’s mentor, Isaak, over his song choice.

Twitter user Rina Intal wrote that Villanueva “definitely has a lot of swag” and that it was “such a great performance.” She added, “Kudos to @ChrisIsaak for an excellent song choice.”

The fifth live decider show of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 airs on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

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