Deadpool 2
Screenshot from "Deadpool 2" official trailer. YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

X-men fans will be delighted to know that two new movies are set for 2018, as confirmed by a key writer. “Deadpool 2” and “New Mutants” are on board next year.

Screenwriter and film producer Simon Kinberg has provided some details about the films. "We're gearing up to make both of them this year," he told Collider.

Kinberg revealed that they are waiting for a new draft for “New Mutants.” He said it is something that they are excited about. It was also revealed that director Josh Boone was picked to helm the film. “Josh is someone who is a life-long, hardcore fan of New Mutants, and the plan is to make that movie late spring, early summer of this year, and have it come out next year,” Kinberg told Collider.

“Deadpool” fans can be assured that works for the second film is ongoing too. Lead actor Ryan Reynolds, who play the titular role, is currently working on the script, according to Kinberg. “We have a really good script for that movie, and we're into the casting process right now for some of the new characters,” he said.

As for the cast of “Deadpool 2,” Kinberg said the film will not include several new ones. Instead, it will introduce some few major characters. Kinberg has provided no further details as far as these characters are concerned.

But he assured that they plan to start production for the film this year so it will make it for a 2019 release. “So potentially next year, you will have a surfeit of X-Men and X-Men-related movies in theatres,” the writer maintained.

Kinberg further shared that there is a long-term plan for both films. There are also ideas of having the two movies come together in the future. But that does not mean that the directors of both films do not have the freedom to implement their visions for their respective films.

He clarified that the directors for both “Deadpool 2” and “New Mutants” have the privilege to be “creative and bold and provocative,” just like how Jim Mangold took care of “Logan” and how Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds handled the first “Deadpool” film.

“Deadpool” is an American superhero film released last year. The film followed the life of Reynold’s character (Deadpool) as he hunts for the man who turned him to be the person he currently is while trying to reunite with the love of his life.