Visitors play ''World of Warcraft'' at an exhibition stand
The new expansion for "World of Warcraft" was unveiled by Blizzard in Gamescom 2015. Reuters/Ina Fassbender

The sixth and next expansion of “World of Warcraft” is titled Legion, which will bring an entire new questline, areas and new enemies to defeat. Aside from these additions, it seems players will be treated to more than just the content as “World of Warcraft” will apparently have a minor graphical change when Legion launches.

Blizzard’s MMORPG “World of Warcraft” is without a doubt one of the pioneers of its video game genre. It has changed a lot since its release back in 2004 through the use of several expansions launched by Blizzard. With another expansion coming soon, players of “World of Warcraft” should expect more hours of adventuring in the world of Azeroth.

The minor graphical update is not something huge but it does further improve what the player sees in the game. The change was pointed out by Reddit user Kastel197, who even showed a side-by-side comparison of the new look of “World of Warcraft” and its former design. Since Legion is not yet released, Kastel197 got the screenshots from the Legion alpha mode.

Blizzard is apparently looking to further increase the draw distances in zones thus allowing the players to see more of the map from a distance. What Blizzard did to increase the distance is lessen the fog and made the colours more vibrant. What’s good to know is that since the expansion is still in the alpha stage, players could see more changes when Legion fully launches.

As with other “World of Warcraft” expansions, Legion is scheduled to bring a lot of features to the base game, all of which are detailed on the official website of the game. The most awaited content in the update is the new Demon Hunter job. Players are sure to be hyped up about exploring the new areas and zones coming to the MMORPG.

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