Westworld returns for season 2. YouTube/HBO

“Westworld” season 2 renewal has been officially confirmed though the series is not coming back until 2018. While the show’s return is sure, Jimmi Simpson's (William) coming back for season 2 is not a guarantee.

Recently, the actor has hinted about what should be expected from his character in the show. He admitted that so far, his return for the next instalment is unclear. It seems he is more confident about his involvement for a third season.

Simpson's remarks seem to hint that a third run for the series is coming up after the second season. “But I wouldn't be surprised if William showed up [on] Season 3 or something,” the actor revealed.

It seems Simpson will have the time to do another “Wentworth” series as he is not currently busy with other projects. When asked by GQ Style about what his upcoming project will be, he said he was just done filming for David Robert Mitchell’s movie, “Under the Silver Lake.”

As to how the second season would look, Simpson told GQ that it will blow the minds of its avid viewers, much like the first season. The second instalment is also expected to be filled with extraordinary costume designs too, as the actor talked about the wardrobe they used in the series.

Simpson explained that the person responsible for all the historically accurate style is the same, the show’s costume designer, Ane Crabtree. He said she is so passionate about what she does. Season 2 is expected to see more of the new facility showing hosts in samurai costumes while practicing sword fighting.

In the finale episode of the first season, the show confirmed that Simpson’s character is the same person as the Man in Black (Ed Harris). Viewers would recognise William as the mild-mannered cynic who rapidly became hooked with the park. Later it was revealed that he was actually searching for Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), the love of his life.

"The Bicameral Mind” connected the two characters after a face-off in Escalante, which is known as the city buried in the sand. That was when the Man in Black has revealed himself to be William. In the end, William found Dolores but the problem was she does not remember him at all.

"William couldn't find you," he tells Dolores in the last episode of season 1. "But out there, among the dead, he found something else: himself."

Official air date for “Westworld” season 2 is yet to be announced, but it is surely not returning until 2018. Foxtel airs the show in Australia.