‘Westworld’ season 2 may include Ford’s human and host versions

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Cast member Ingrid Bolso Berdal attends the premiere of the HBO series "Westworld" in Hollywood, California. Reuters/Phil McCarten

The final episode of “Westworld” season 1 has left fans wondering whether or not Ford (Anthony Hopkins) will be part of the series’ sophomore run. He was shot in the head by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), but it seems it is not the end for Hopkins in the show, with theories claiming that Dr Ford has built a host for himself before his death.

The sight of Dolores shooting the man in charge of the park may be considered as an act of her own free will but it seems it was what Ford has really wanted. Fans can recall that in “Westworld” season 1, Hopkins has practically given Dolores the gun that the latter has used to kill him. This would suggest that Ford really wanted his death and he has chosen the oldest host in the part to kill him.

The Reddit community is filled with discussions regarding the appearance of Ford in “Westworld” season 2. There are Redditors that think he has actually built a host of himself. In “Westworld” season 1, he was seen working hard at creating another host in the secret lab. That host that he was creating in season 1 could be a host of himself.

It is also likely that Dolores has killed the host version of Ford. “I think that was a host Ford who was shot – his hands looked very odd when he shook hands with Bernard. Weird host hands were a hallmark of the hosts in the 1973 movie. That’s what was being made in Ford’s old lab when Bernard killed Theresa," a Reddit user wrote.

If it was the host version of Ford that Dolores has killed, it is even possible that “Westworld” season 2 will have both the human and host versions of Hopkins’ character. Hosts can be repaired and be brought back to life in Westworld. Therefore, the doctor or his host might appear next season.

Show co-creator Jonah Nolan has provided no assurance as far as Hopkins’ return is concerned. "Working with Anthony Hopkins on this season of TV has been one of the greatest pleasures and privileges for Lisa and I in our careers. It’s been an incredible experience, and we’ll see where our story takes us," Nolan told Variety.

The show is not returning to the big screens until 2008. Official air date for “Westworld” season 2 is yet to be announced. Foxtel airs the show in Australia.