Ivar (AlexHogh Andersen)
A photo of Ivar (AlexHogh Andersen) from "Vikings" season 4. Instagram/Alexhoeghandersen

“Vikings” season 5 might show Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen) falling in love. The actor himself has hinted the same. Andersen said that in the forthcoming season, Ivar will also be seen struggling to control his anger.

In the finale episode of the last season, Ivar lost his cool and killed his own brother Sigurd (David Lindström). Since Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has left for his Mediterranean mission after avenging Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) death, Ivar is likely to lead the Great Heathen Army in next season.

Ivar will fall in love

After Ragnar’s death, fans saw a different side of Ivar -- angry, ambitious and a warrior. In the forthcoming season, audience might also see him falling in love.

Andersen spilled beans on how his character will impact the story in the forthcoming season. He said that Ivar will be “determined, still angry, violent, but also in love.” It would be interesting to see Ivar the Boneless falling in love. However, with whom will he fall in love remains a mystery as of now.

Ivar will struggle to control his anger

Furthermore, talking on Sigurd’s murder and how he will deal with his anger in “Vikings” season 5, Alex Hogh Andersen said, “It's a major, major scene… he would be the absolute weapon if he could control his anger, and that's something he will struggle with, even in season five.”

In the teaser of season 5, Ivar is seen weeping at Sigurd’s funeral, which means he is regretting to have killed his brother. (Watch the teaser below.) Andersen also admitted the same. “He hates it, because he lost control,” he said.

He is not only hurt to have unintentionally killed Sigurd but he is also angry. At the same time, he has grown up into a man but is still fighting with the child inside him. “Despite all the experience he has gained, he has become more of a man, definitely, but still struggles with that little kid inside of him that is just so angry, so hurt.”

Ivar will avenge against Lagertha

Andersen also hinted that he might kill Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in forthcoming season. He said that Ivar has not forgotten about his mother Aslaug’s (Alyssa Sutherland) death. “He will never forget that. She's the one woman who ever loved him, so he will never, ever be able to settle down with Lagertha alive,” he told ET Online.

“Vikings” season 5 air date has not been announced as yet. However, Alex Hogh Andersen wrote in a tweet that the show will return on TV this year. (Read more on the link below.) The show airs on History channel in the US. In Australia, it airs on SBS One.

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