Rollo (Clive Standen) Vikings season 5
A photo of Rollo (Clive Standen) from "Vikings" season 5. Instagram/Clivestanden

“Vikings” season 5 will observe “more of Rollo,” says Clive Standen who essays the role on-screen. He also posted a behind-the-scene picture on Instagram that shows showrunner Michael Hirst keenly observing the statue of Rollo, the Duke of Normandy.

Standen captioned the photo, “My boss getting shown by my character who's the real boss! When Michael Hirst met Rollo.” Michael Hirst is posing along with the Rollo statue located in Norway. (See the post below.)

More about the history of Rollo and his statue

Rollo was a Norse conqueror originally called Gange Hrolf. He plundered several northern European kingdoms for about 30 years. Later, he agreed to end his brigandage for Frankish King Charles and instead protect his land against future Vikings raids. In return, he was offered duchy northwest of Paris as well as the king’s daughter’s hand in marriage.

Furthermore, he was asked to accept Christianity, which he did at least nominally. He was baptised under the name of Rollon (later anglicised to Rollo). It was Prince Charles who gave him the title of “Duke of Normandy.”

The statue is the work of artist Arsene Letellier. There are two more replicas of the same. The first one was erected in the City of Rouen, France. The second one was sent as a gift to Rollo’s birthplace Ålesund, Norway, and the other one was sent to Fargo.

Clive Standen will be back as Rollo in season 5

Clive Standen has recently revealed that he will be back in the role of Rollo in “Vikings” season 5. “I have gone back to season 5. I filmed some episodes and there’s far more of Rollo to enjoy in the next season.”

He also revealed why he was missing from the avenge mission. “He has gone back to France after his midlife crisis, and he has to face the music with Princess Gisla. But that’s not the end of Rollo, (even though) he may not be involved so much in the revenge of Ragnar Lothbrok,” Standen told the Wrap.

Hirst had also confirmed in an interview that Rollo as well as Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) will be back in the forthcoming season. Floki had surrendered himself to the gods in the finale episode of season 4. "They haven’t gone at all. They’ll be back, absolutely,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

In the last episode, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) leaves the great army after he thinks the mission is over and goes on to continue discovering the Mediterranean. Rollo who accompanied him to his mission so far will probably be back with him this time as well.

Now that Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) is dead and his sons have avenged his death, season 5 will narrate the story of the sons. It will show how Ivar (Alex Hogh Andersen) and Bjorn will become the greatest Vikings, and how Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) will be keen on fulfilling his father's dreams. (Read more about this story on the links below.)

“Vikings” season 5 will return on TV this year itself. The date, however, hasn’t been announced yet. (Read more on the link below.) The show airs on History channel in the US and on SBS One in Australia.

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