Stephen Amell
Actor Stephen Amell arrives at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards in Burbank, California, April 9, 2016. Reuters/Phil McCarten

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell may soon be juggling between two TV shows. Renowned author Anne Rice seems like she's considering the actor to lead her new “The Vampire Chronicles” TV series.

Rice’s Facebook page post on Tuesday sparked speculations that she will cast Amell as Lestat in her forthcoming TV series. The novelist shared a photo of Amell sporting a long blond wig that made him look like Lestat. Rice was all praises on Amell and even called him “my Brat Prince,” which is a known moniker for Lestat.

“Sam Sidney, thanks for bringing this gorgeous pic of Stephen Amell with a wig --- from his FB page --- I gather one of the fans posted this as a 'jokey meme.' Is that right, Sam? I think Stephen looks absolutely fantastic! Wow! That's my Brat Prince staring at me, all right. Well, except for the facial hair. Lestat is smooth shaven. But look at those eyes, at that nose, at that mouth. The expression, the symmetry. 'Let us all praise beautiful men!' Sigh,” Rice wrote.

The picture was first shared by Amell on his own Facebook page and urged his fans to turn it into a meme. Later on, it catches the attention of Rice and compared the actor to Lestat. The iconic character was popularised by Tom Cruise in 1984 classic “The Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.”

In November 2016, Rice announced that she will be producing the show based on "The Vampire Chronicles." On her Facebook post, the author said, “television is where the vampires belong.” She also revealed that they were already in the early stages of the show’s production.

“The Vampire Chronicles” is a series of Rice’s novels that follows the life of the fictional character Lestat de Lioncourt in the late 18th century to the late 1980s. Lestat is a French nobleman who turned into a vampire. Rice had said that that the TV adaptation of her novel will begin with “The Vampire Lestat.”

So far, two movies were made based on Rice’s series. “The Interview with the Vampire” was the first instalment, which starred Cruiseand Brad Pitt (Louis). It was followed by “Queen of the Damned” in 2002, with Stuart Townsend playing Lestat. Singer Aaliyah was also in movie.

It was earlier rumoured that “The Vampire Diaries” actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were the frontrunners to portray the lead characters in “The Vampire Chronicles” TV adaptation. No confirmation as of yet if Rice already offered the lead role to Amell or to somebody else.

Amell is currently busy slinging arrows in The CW hit series “Arrow.” The current season of the show is due to conclude in May.