Another live action movie adaptation of a famous game is slowly starting to set sail. The “Uncharted” movie script has been reportedly finished since January and will be available once filming starts.

Reports have revealed way back in early January that screenwriter Joe Carnahan, who is known for his works like “The A-Team” and “The Grey,” has finished the “Uncharted” movie script. He also stated that the script was ready to go anytime the movie is set for full production and development. This was further supplied with a photo of his finished work with a caption “carnojoe Done and Dusted. If there’s a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it ‘cuz this thing is a BEAST,” his Instagram account said. (See bottom of article for photo.)

Carnahan has also revealed that his script was definitely rated R. He explained that when he wrote the script, he kept in mind that the original story plot and conversations of the characters were indeed very foul especially in terms of swearing.

The “Bad Boys For Life” director also emphasised that he wrote it the way the video game is and how he visualises it to reflect as a movie. This can only mean that fans will be expecting an R-rated film category for this reboot. Fans would expect a lot of no holds barred violent action scene full of swearing and foul-mouthing.

There was also a question given to Carnahan with regards to the comparison of the “Uncharted” movie being a rip-off of an “Indiana Jones” movie. The director/scriptwriter was able to oblige and answer this question during his interview with Max Evry of Coming Soon.

The interview stated that the likes of David O Russell and Seth Rogen said there was no way to write it without essentially remaking Indiana Jones. But it appears that Carnahan was able to decypher this problem and found the best route to take so that the movie will not be compared to any “Indiana Jones” movie.

The actor/director basically stated that Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake had nothing in common with each other. He further explained that they are so different in so many ways. First off, Drake has his buddy Victor “Sully” Sullivan, unlike Jones who is a solo rider.

He continues with several facts that further strengthens his belief. He says that Drake dislikes museums and thinks they are crooked which is the total opposite of Jones. Another fact is that the former character is a treasure hunter and the latter is an archeologist.

The interview continued with Carnahan answering a question in relation to who controlled the flow of the script. They asked the scriptwriter if the team from Sony and Naughty Dog gave him full control of how the script and the story would go.

Carnahan confirmed that the Sony and Naughty Dog team allowed him to do what he wanted and to have fun while doing it. But he also stated that even though he will stay loyal to the game’s origin, he would still be adding new scenarios and events to make the movie fresh and would not be just a redo of the original game.

Sony Pictures previously hired “Night at the Museum’s” Shawn Levy to direct the “Uncharted” video game adaptation. Previous drafts of the script were originally written by “Zero Dark Thirty” writer Mark Boal, Oscar nominee David O. Russell, “Doctor Strange's” Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, “Safe House's” David Guggenheim, and “National Treasure’s” Cormac and Marianne Wibberley.