The Last Of Us Part II
"The Last Of Us Part II" was announced via a reveal trailer during PlayStation Experience on December 2016. YouTube/PlayStation

Because Naughty Dog has been so secretive about the plot of “The Last Of Us 2,” fans of the franchise have been filling the void by developing theories that could fit in with the scarce information available. One rather controversial one is that Ellie is -- or was -- pregnant, and the one she is seeking revenge from is her rapist.

The theory, which was posted on the community page of the PlayStation Blog, went on to point out that an Easter egg of “The Last Of Us 2” was found some time ago in “Uncharted 4.” The photo was of a seeming pregnant woman wearing a gas mask that obscured her face. Some argued that the woman could not have been Ellie because she is immune to the virus and would not need the mask. The counterargument to this is that if Ellie was pregnant, she would not take chances and would do anything to keep her baby safe.

The house seen in the reveal trailer, which can be watched below, is correspondingly pointed out as the house of her rapist. Furthermore, it is argued that Ellie’s playing of the guitar conveniently covered a growing bump. And while the idea of a pregnant Ellie might have been possible from the “Uncharted 4” Easter egg, the actuality of the same now that Naughty Dog has released the video clip is less likely.

Furthermore, fans of the game were quick to point out that the entire plot of “The Last Of Us 2” could not possibly be just about Ellie getting revenge on her rapists. Many consider the development of the game as too advanced for that. Furthermore, the house was likely the headquarters of the Fireflies, as the group’s symbol was seen in the early seconds of the reveal trailer.

So what was that photo of a pregnant woman from “Uncharted 4”? It is possible that Naughty Dog was considering that angle at the time “Uncharted 4” was released and decided to play around with the idea. Another possibility, however, is that pregnancy will play a role in the upcoming sequel, but it will not be Ellie carrying the baby.

A strong theory going around is that Joel is dead and Ellie is avenging his murder. This idea is arguably the most supported theory that is currently going around. But it is also possible that Ellie is avenging someone else -- maybe a pregnant woman that she got close to in the five years between the original game and “The Last Of Us 2.” Until Naughty Dog releases the game or provides more information, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Watch the reveal trailer of "The Last Of Us Part II"


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