The Last Of Us Part II
"The Last Of Us Part II" was revealed via a trailer shown during PlayStation Experience in December 2016. YouTube/PlayStation

“The Last Of Us 2” still has no official release date or gameplay video that will give fans any indication about how long the game will take and how it will feel to control Ellie. But creative director Neil Druckmann has given some vital, albeit vague, details about the highly anticipated sequel that cannot be ignored.

The reveal trailer of “The Last Of Us 2” was released during Naughty Dog’s panel at PlayStation Experience last December. When the clip was finished and the excited shrieks quieted down, Druckman took the stage and discussed a few details regarding the story and playability.

Druckmann explained that “The Last Of Us Part 2” was officially named so because it will be a “complementary story to the first game” and that -- together -- the two games will tell “a much larger story.” From this, it can be gathered that the plot will kick off from where “The Last Of Us” left off. The sequel is set five years after the original, but it is likely that the conflict will remain the same or will at least revolve around the same characters and parties.

At the panel, which was also attended by voice actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Druckmann confirmed that Ellie would be the playable character. In contrast to the first installment of the game series, Joel would be taking the back seat this time around. This is evident enough in the reveal trailer, which can be watched below. Audiences can gather that Joel is the one asking Ellie about going through with a plan, while the younger protagonist is calling the shots.

Furthermore, the award-winning writer made it clear that “The Last Of Us 2” will focus on hate. The love between Joel and Ellie was beautifully planted and explored in the original chapter, but the trailer indicates a hatred has grown within the now 19-year-old Ellie. How Naughty Dog will take this emotion apart is likely to be as raw and heartbreaking as always.

These details paint a picture of a story that will go full circle. There is hate and love, youth and old age, helplessness and power. It is just the details that are missing, and when Druckmann or anyone else from Naughty Dog finally decides to give more details about “The Last Of Us 2,” fans will surely be waiting.

Watch the reveal trailer of "The Last Of Us Part II"


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