UFO Spotted At Canadian Minor League Baseball Game [ORIGINAL VIDEO]

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A UFO was allegedly spotted above the Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver. (Image credit: YouTube/ABC OFFICIAL NEWS)

A UFO was allegedly spotted above the Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver, during a baseball game.

Minor league baseball game spectators were in for a shock when they allegedly found an unidentified foreign object hovering above the stadium in Vancouver.

Everett AquaSox and Vancouver Canadians were in the sixth inning last week when a mysterious flying object captured the attention of spectators. One of the spectators was able to capture the object on camera. The video which has already become a hit on YouTube shows a strange blue object in the sky.

The mystery object appeared exactly during the time the Vancouver Canadians had scored 4 runs. This instigated interesting observations that suggest the creatures from outer space were actually supporting the home team. The images of the UFO circulated on Twitter through the hash-tag #luckyUFO.

The mysterious blue object floating in the sky was adorned with flashing lights. One of the people who claimed to have witnessed the UFO with naked eyes tweeted that he did see the object moving up and down in the sky. YouTube viewers seemed to be equally divided in their opinions about the UFO incident. While there were several users who found it ridiculous to believe that it was a spaceship from outer space, many others appeared to be pretty sure that it was a UFO after watching the video.

One YouTube viewer mocked believers by saying that it was good to know that UFOs follow the international law of commercial flying, as they were equipped with strobe lights and navigation. Another YouTube user was pretty sure that it was not a plane as, according to him, planes do not move that slow. Unlike a plane, it was moving slow and low. The shape of the object, which was borderline circular to him, also proved that it was a UFO indeed.

In this case, however, the sceptics have come out as winners. The alleged UFO was, in fact, a tiny drone which was designed to be a miniature lookalike of H.R. MacMillan Space Centre situated nearby. B.C. Global News reported that the drone was spotted in the area for weeks prior to lucky UFO sighting.

Video courtesy: YouTube/ABC OFFICIAL NEWS 

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