Blockchain isn’t just a disruptive technology, but a radical change in the way the world works Pixabay/ mmi9

Today, the crypto sector continues to gain momentum and popularity, but there are still those who see it as little but speculative furor and hype-driven growth. Indeed, there are signs that the blockchain industry may be propped up by empty promises and unfeasible pipe dreams. A number of ICOs have turned out to be fraudulent, and projects continue to fade away seemingly as quickly as they appear after failing to deliver on their promises.

Nevertheless, there are those in the industry who do see a bright future, along with the projects that could help unlock blockchain’s full potential.

TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun, for instance, has been one of the most vocal evangelists of blockchain, and a firm believer in the technology’s power for change.

Justin Sun, CEO of TRON
Justin Sun, CEO of TRON TRON

In his view, blockchain isn’t just a disruptive technology, but a radical change in the way the world works. TRON also has already taken direct actions in helping spreading and improving the blockhain sector with a $3 million donation to the Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), which works to improve the blockchain industry as a whole and use the technology to help those without access to many technology-based services today or in financial dire.

TRON joining BCF with a sizeable donation is an important step that shows the company maturity and overall vision.

Drowning Out the White Noise

Sun has become one of blockchain’s loudest and most active advocates. He consistently engages in debates on the topic on social media, and his TRON foundation claims its goals align with those of the original founders of both bitcoin and the internet. To Sun, blockchain is a force for true decentralization and democratization which could take technology closer to what Satoshi Nakamoto and Tim Berners-Lee envisioned with their innovations.

Still, there are those who are ardently opposed to the sector, such as well-known economist Nouriel Roubini, who has taken a staunchly hostile stance to both cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In Roubini’s mind, the industry is a massive bubble, and is rife with scams, fraud, and other illegal activity that make it basically worthless.

Here, Sun notes that “[e]veryone is entitled to their opinion. In the case of Nouriel Roubini, I would have to say I do not agree. New things are almost always met with doubt and rejection by some.” In addition, he also notes that while Roubini’s claims are bold and loud, “very soon, reality will speak louder than words, and blockchain will be the new normal. It’s inevitable.”

Going even further to disprove Roubini’s claims, Sun positions himself on the opposite side of the debate. According to him, Blockchain will be the cornerstone to revolutionizing the production chain, creating a much friendlier environment for global economic growth.”

Respect for The Originals, With a Mind for Disruption

Even with the blockchain machine running at full momentum to launch new businesses, projects, and ideas, Sun believes that the originals are still some of the best available examples of blockchain’s power and substance. He firmly believes in bitcoin, as “It was the gateway for many into the world of blockchain technology and showcases its potential extremely well.” The original coin indeed remains by far the most popular and still serves as the guiding light for the crypto market.

Moreover, Sun is a big fan of Ethereum, which is a predecessor to his own project, TRON. According to Sun, Ethereum “is the first expansion of the blockchain to applications.” With the rise of Ethereum’s smart contract functionality, blockchain was able to explode from a crypto backbone into a technology that operates free of the digital currencies.

Finally, the TRON CEO is fond of his own project’s disruptive potential, noting that he is “confident that the TRON network will deliver a premium, decentralized Internet experience to our users.” Although it is much younger than Ethereum, TRON is already making headway by forcing its way to the top of the crypto food chain. On the subject of TRON’s rapid ascent in the industry, Sun notes that “This is definitely exciting for us. In fact, TRON’s one day trade volume has surpassed Ethereum’s for the past few days in a row. This is a testament to the fact that TRON’s network activity is steadily increasing.”

Even so, the work is not done for the emerging blockchain and dApp ecosystem. According to Sun, “We will continue working hard on increasing the quantity and quality of our dApps to also surpass Ethereum—that is our next goal.”

An Evolving Conversation

Regardless of which side of the debate most observers fall on, blockchain is here to stay. While there are those like Professor Roubini who hold fast to their contrarianism even as the sector proves them wrong, or at least somewhat off-base, there are those in the industry who firmly believe in the technology’s revolutionary potential and promise. It will take more than wishful thinking to achieve widespread adoption, but with new projects emerging and showing real promise, blockchain is poised for big developments that will convincingly lay the foundation for greater acceptance