This year is filled to the brim with upcoming new titles and add-ons. While a lot of the anticipated titles are in the RPG and adventure genre, players who prefer the brawler category will not be left wanting.

With January already in full swing, here are the top upcoming fighting games that will debut in 2016. From long-running franchises like “Street Fighter V” and “The King of Fighters XIV” to new DLCs for favourite games, there’s a sure-fire brawler for every gamer.

“Street Fighter V,” coming on Feb. 16

The PS4 console exclusive and upcoming PC game “Street Fighter V” is looking well and great, especially after its recently concluded beta in December 2015. Despite some controversies on censorship for some of its characters, what’s great about the latest “Street Fighter” brawler is that it’s possible to do crossplay between PS4 and PC versions of the game.

Recently, Capcom has just showcased some new special editions for “Street Fighter V” Japanese fans. A Volcanic edition and a Valuable edition have been sighted, featuring a couple of items like character costumes, some free premium in-game currency Zenny and DVD guide from the battle planner of the game, GameSpot reported. So far, the new editions have not yet been announced for release outside of Japan.

“Tekken 7,” coming to PS4 and PS VR

When Sony announced “Tekken 7” on the PS4, there was previously no mention of an appearance on the PlayStation VR. For the most part, the game appears to be an homage to the 20th anniversary of the franchise, with a new member, Kazumi Mishima, coming in, according to PlayStation Blog.

While there are not yet a lot of details on how virtual reality can be incorporated into “Tekken 7,” Event Hubs did state that the game designer had given a hint of how it will be. Some players, however, may be disappointed, as it may not be about kicking and fighting in first person via VR—rather, it may be about observing the characters in “Tekken 7.”

“King of Fighters XIV,” playable at Taipei Game Show 2016

There has not been a lot of details about “the King of Fighters XIV” following the reveal of 50 characters, three-on-three game systems and the Party Battle Mode were introduced back during PlayStation Experience 2015. However, there have been a number of confirmed characters for the roster. These include Kula, Angel, King, Billy Kane, Ralf and, more recently, Andy Bogard.

Still, some good news for fans who will be attending the Taipei Game Show 2016 can catch the game then. The five-day event, which starts on Jan. 28, will feature “The King of Fighters XIV” on its show floor, Shoryuken reported. This was confirmed by developer SNK Playmore.

“Killer Instinct” Season 3 developments

With Season 3 of the Xbox One console exclusive and PC title “Killer Instinct" already confirmed, fans have been tuned in to new additional characters coming to the game. Recently, Microsoft has confirmed that Tusk will be one of the newer characters.

Tusk has been a well-known face in the franchise, harking back to his first appearance way back 20 years ago in the 1996 title “Killer Instinct 2,” according to IGN. So far, Tusk is the third character to be confirmed in the roster, with Kim Wu and Rash having been previously confirmed. Microsoft is expected to reveal one more name to complete the batch.

“Super Smash Bros” gets Corrin, Bayonetta

Nintendo fans were treated to a special last Nintendo Direct for 2015. In the broadcast, “Super Smash Bros” creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed the last DLC characters that will come to “Super Smash Bros.”

Corrin and Bayonetta will be coming to the game as new fighters. They will bring in some unique characteristics and moves of their own. Corrin will be have the ability to transform his entire body or some body parts to take on dragon form. At the same time, he can be played as either a male or a female character.

Bayonetta, on the other hand, will bring combo attacks that makes use of her hair and gun. She also has a down special, which is Witch Time, allowing her to slow down opponents, Siliconera reported.

Recently, Nintendo has released a new Japanese trailer showing off the two characters in “Super Smash Bros.” One other character, released in December 2015 also for the game, was Cloud Strife.

"Super Smash Bros" Bayonetta Gets Wicked (Credit: YouTube/Super Smash Bros.)