Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros. has received new updates, as fans avidly wait for the winner of the Fighter Ballot. SmashBros official website

Nintendo has released a new trailer for “Super Smash Bros.” The new video is still in Japanese, but it does feature upcoming newcomers Bayonetta, Corrin and Cloud Strife.

While Cloud is already in the game, 2016 will welcome in the two other characters. The trailer features some gameplay shots of the Bayonetta and Corrin. According to DualShockers, they may come to “Super Smash Bros.” sometime in February, though the developer has yet to specify a release date.

Corrin adds to the characters with interchangeable playable genders. The character not only wields a sword, but also has the ability to transform into a dragon fully or based on necessary body parts for the appropriate attacks, Shoryuken reported. Bayonetta was the winning character in terms of fan request in Europe, and according to game creator Masahiro Sakurai, she had the best chances of getting into “Super Smash Bros.”

As proof that players are avidly looking forward to “Super Smash Bros” in 2016, particularly the new characters set to debut in the game, player have found a new glitch in the Wii U version. Event Hubs has detailed the glitch, which reportedly allows players to take control of eight players in the game using just one controller.

To check out the glitch in “Super Smash Bros” Wii U, players will need eight Amiibo and a controller that can desync. The latter ingredient appears to work better when using a GameCube controller. Players first need to go the eight-player Smash mode and make the “Player #” appear. Once this is done, they will need to click on the name part and make “None” appear. From there, the controller will have to be desynced.

During this time, players will need to scan an Amiibo, plug the controller and check that the current controller is still for the Player in the next available space for another scanned Amiibo. The steps above need to be repeated until all eight players have been synced for the one controller. Finally, players need to go to Settings and then exit from there.

The glitch does not offer any additional power to the player. But it does provide an amusing way to enjoy “Super Smash Bros.” in the meantime.

"Super Smash Bros" Japanese trailer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)