“Uncharted 4” still has a few months to go before it gets into the hands of players. As early as now, developer Naughty Dog is making sure that the hype is kept alive leading towards the launch.

Lead designer for the game Robert Cogburn revealed that the team appears to be continuing the work on “Uncharted 4.” Gamingbolt has spotted a tweet that stated that Cogburn had gone through three of the largest maps in the game. As a follow-up for fans, he also stated that the team will be showing off a lot for the multiplayer of “Uncharted 4” in 2016. Presumably, this will happen before the game is launched, though Cogburn did not reveal any more details as to when and what kind of information will arrive.

It appears that gamers are not the only ones who are anticipating the arrival of “Uncharted 4.” When PlayStation Blog asked a number of game developers which titles they are looking forward to in 2016, a lot had “Uncharted 4” on their lists.

Among these developers are Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky, Supermassive Games’ Simon Harris, “Bloodborne” Producer Jun Yoshino, Q-Games Founder Dylan Cuthbert and “Aki Raula from Housemarque.

“One more romp from Naughty Dog in the adventure lands with Nathan Drake. Just a one of a kind experience and now I can’t wait to get sucked in again with ‘Uncharted 4,’” said Raula to PlayStation Blog.

Developers are not the only ones that are anticipating the launch of “Uncharted 4.” Not only have fans been excited by the latest cinematic trailer that hit theatres at the same times as “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens,” but there is also the promo picture that has been circulating featuring protagonist Nathan Drake. Over at Reddit, fans continue talking about the latest trailer, and how the Thief’s latest and last adventure may be the most explosive of all.

Sadly, both gamers and game developers alike will have to wait a little longer. Previously, Naughty Dog has announced that the game will be delayed even further into 2016. Instead of the announced March 18, 2016 launch from last year, the developer has confirmed that the date has been moved to April 26, 2016.

"Uncharted 4" cinematic trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameNewsOfficial)