When Electronic Arts introduced the Get Together expansion, “The Sims 4” fans were able to explore a new side to their Sims. The new feature has allowed Sims to be organised into clubs that are based on their traits. But at the same time, they are able to experience, for the first time, how peer pressure works in the Sims world.

The developer has shown off a couple of ways by which the team had tried to customise the Clubs in “The Sims 4.” A couple of interesting developer-made clubs were created featuring unique interests for Sims. There’s The Noble Bears, where the only trait is the need to love the outdoors. The club has its official outfit, which is the Bear Costume from the Outdoor Retreat.

Videogamers can enjoy a Club in “The Sims 4” where they can be with other videogame lovers. Dubbed as the Blicblock Heroes, where members need to have videogame skill at 2+. Their activities are playing videogames, though arcade machines are not included. Other notable clubs include The Menacing Rascals for kids, To Infinity! club for those who love space and science and The Seasoned Citizens Brigade, which takes inspiration from the elders.

EA is also never late to wish fans a Happy New Year. This time, the studio is counting down the ways to welcome 2016 with some New Year’s resolutions made easier in “The Sims 4” world. In its latest blog update, EA has cited seven New Year’s Resolutions that players can do in the Sims world.

Getting rich in real life may require a lot more than just hard work. It may require a bit of luck to get lottery tickets or joining and winning a game show. But in “The Sims 4,” there’s the Motherlode to get there. This is not the only thing that comes easy for Sims. Learning a new skill is as easy as just doing it again and again until the skill meter shows just how much the Sim has improved.

Other things that come so simply to “The Sims 4” world includes losing weight, reading and finishing books and reorganising areas of the home. Oddly enough, all of these are things that most people do have to struggle with in real life.

“The Sims 4” players have just also recently received a new update this December. Both the PC and Mac versions were updated to address a few issues, as well as add some new features to “The Sims 4.” One of the more interesting changes, however, is the rebalancing of the number of times that Sims can do the woohoo, as detailed over the EA Help page. EA seems to have noticed that there have been more times that Sims have done the woohoo over the few months, so the restrictions for the times that they can do it have increased.

"The Sims 4" Get Together expansion featuring Clubs (Credit: YouTube/The Sims)