New events for two separate Pokemon titles have started. Fans of “Pokemon Shuffle” and “Pokken Tournament” may want to check into their games to participate in their respective events.

For “Pokemon Shuffle,” the three challenges are already running. The Talonflame event is a timed event that will run until Jan. 12, 2016. A second event, according to trusted Pokemon source Serebii, brings a new Pokemon Safari. For this round, it will have the Pokemon Roggenrole, Camerupt, Boldore,Fletchling, Fletchinder, Gigalith and Numel. Similar to the Talonflame event, this will also be ongoing until Jan. 12, 2016. “Pokemon Shuffle” fans playing on the mobile version can also look forward to the recently kicked off Arceus stage.

“Pokken Tournament” has also started on its New Year Event. Running until Jan. 11, 2016, the new event spans the entire Christmas and New Year event. As the report stated, the event will involve the arcade machines in “Pokken Tournament.” It will also feature a couple of bonuses when playing the challenges.

For instance, the level cap for Pokemon has been raised up to 50 instead of the usual Level 25 for the Skill Level. Those who have not yet managed to get the Electrode Support Set or the Farfetch’d Pokemon can get them as a special bonus. Other prizes up for grabs include 200,000 Gold and other cosmetic items.

Fans playing the “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” and “Pokemon X and Y” titles stand a chance to get the Mew Pokemon with a purchase of the newly announced 2DS bundles. Following the developer’s announcement of the 2DS bundles for “Pokemon Red,” “Pokemon Green,” “Pokemon Blue” and “Pokemon Yellow,” the Japanese Pokemon website has now updated the free Mew for the purchase, Pokebeach reported.

According to the source, any purchase made for any of the 2DS bundles between Feb. 27, 2016 and Feb. 28, 2017 will merit the Mew on the “Pokemon X,” “Pokemon Y,” “Pokemon Omega Ruby” and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.” Apart from the year-long window to buy any of the bundles, players can also redeem the free Mew until Mar. 31, 2017.

The Mew will be at Level 5, but will only have the Pound capability. Additionally, the Mew can also be obtained in the older games as well. Apart from the Nintendo 2DS console, pre-loaded game and the serial code for the Mew in the four aforementioned titles, the Pokemon 2DS bundles will also have a map of Kanto, some home screen artwork from Ken Sugimori and an “Exchange Ticket” to get Mew into the old game.

How this will work is players will need to get the Mew ticket and go to the store to get the Mew. There is no official list of participating retails stores, but these are expected to be announced later on. There is also no announcement of a release of the four Pokemon 2DS bundles outside of Japan as of yet.

"Pokemon" Mew freebie announced (Credit: YouTube/pdwinnall)

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