Guardians in “Destiny” can look forward to some holiday gifts and new rewards at the start of 2016. Developer Bungie has hinted at a New Year’s Loot that players can expect when they go back to their game after the holidays.

From Jan. 7, Guardians can check out under the proverbial Christmas tree to find 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light. These will come with an update, for those who do not want to set an alarm for it. Interestingly, these may not be the only ones to come to “Destiny” by way of a treat.

“Don’t spend all your Motes to upgrade one item. See the Postmaster for your packages when the time come—you may have to clear your backlog for them to appear,” said Bungie in the Weekly Update.

Finally, there is also one more reason for “Destiny” Guardians to visit their games anytime between Jan. 7 and 10. Bungie has confirmed that an Emblem will be making its appearance just for visiting the game. All one needs to do is to play anything in the game, so long as they are able to complete a playable activity so that Bungie can track who visited when. The Emblems, still unrevealed at this point, will be rolled out on Jan. 12.

For players who have yet to get their hands on “Destiny: The Taken King,” there are still a handful of holiday sales that offer good discounts on the title and its expansion. Over at the PlayStation Store, the annual Holiday Sale is still in full swing. Part of its discounted collection are three choice bundles. Sold for both the PS4 and PS3, players can choose the standalone DLC, “Destiny: The Taken King” for US$34.79 (approx. AU$48), the Digital Collector’s Edition for US$59.19 (approx. AU$81) and the Legendary Edition at US$44.39 (approx. AU$61).

There is also an ongoing sale on Amazon, which offers the “Destiny: The Taken King” PS4 version for US39.99 (approx. AU$55). Polygon spotted the offer, though it is quick to note that this offer is for a digital copy of the game and that it is far from what the current ongoing Steam Winter Sale 2015 is enjoying.

"Destiny" New Year's Loot from Bungie (Credit: YouTube/DestinyFollower)

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