The New Year is celebrating everything new and throwing out everything that’s old—at least this is what’s currently happening over at “The Simpsons Tapped Out.” The Winter 2015’s final event, dubbed as the Maggie Event, has finally kicked off, and it starts with one big prize and most-awaited newcomer in the game.

Maggie has finally arrived in players’ “TSTO” games after the long wait, completing the Simpsons family. For those who have been diligently playing Act Two, there is a chance that Maggie had been triggered during that leg of the event. However, for those who have not yet obtained Maggie, the third Act, dubbed as the Maggie Act, holds some quests so she can be obtained.

The basics of the Maggie Act

Act Three is an entirely different leg compared to the previous two acts. This means that the crafting and upgradable buildings are already gone. There are also no longer any presents to be dropped into neighbours’ towns or collected in a player’s own town.

Instead, the Maggie act welcomes in some simpler mechanics in collecting the new currency, which is Maggie’s pacifier, and in removing the whole business of crafting and assigned tasks. First off, for those who were able to get Maggie in Act Two, they will immediately be able to gather Pacifiers, as well as kick off building the Play-Dough Factory, which is a free six-second build. Those who have yet to get Maggie will need to go through the “Seems to Be the Hardest Word” quest line and build the Play-Dough Factory to get her.

What’s great about Act 3 is that most of the characters needed to progress through the quest line are those from the Simpson family. The entire quest line consists of 22 parts, and it is only in Part 8 that other characters will be needed to accomplish tasks. What’s even better is that, unlike the past two Acts, wherein groups of Springfielders are needed to accomplish a level to upgrade a building, most of the characters needed in Act 3 are basic ones that can be found at the lower levels of “The Simpsons Tapped Out.”

Premium players who have some of the premium characters like Squeaky Teen Voice can have a bonus of sending this character on a quest. However, even for freemium players, there will be no consequence for not owning the character. Most of the characters needed in the latter part of Maggie’s quest line include Lenny, Carl, Moe, Mr. Burns, Quimby and Sea Captain.

As a bonus, once the player finishes “The End of the Beginning” quest line, a mini game is waiting at the Play Dough factory. TSTO Addicts has provided a quick rundown of the quests and character triggers for Act 3, for those who want to make sure which character to keep free.

New items in the Store, new Personal Prizes to be won

As with the previous Acts, there are a couple of items added to the store. The items that were previously offered for Acts 1 and 2 are all gone—and rightly so, as they were mostly for Christmas decorations. This time, there are two freemium item. These are the $8,500 Slide and the $250,000 Stonecutter’s Daycare Centre.

All others are premium items, some of which are returning items that are fit for the baby occasion. These include the Blocko Store (30 Donuts), It’s a Wonderful Knife with Gino Terwilliger (150 Donuts) and Fort Sensible (65 Donuts).

There are two other premium items that have been introduced solely for the event. The Slide Factory, worth 100 Donuts, is geared towards giving players more Pacifiers during the event. It will yield 135 Pacifiers every six hours. Additionally, Babysitter Bandit is arriving in Springfield with the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. The character-building combo is worth 120 Donuts.

Similarly, collecting Pacifiers will yield new prizes. There are a total of four prizes for Act 3, which include Kearney’s Other Son, Mrs. Sinclair, Wall E. Weasel’s and Baby Gerald. For those who are able to attain all of the prizes before the event’s end, bonus donuts are still on for the Maggie Act, so best to keep collecting Pacifiers by tapping those Imaginary Bears.

Visiting neighbours and tapping bears

For social “The Simpsons Tapped Out” players—meaning those who have a lot of neighbours, the Maggie Act brings a whole new mechanic in the game. Apart from the simplicity of this leg so far, visiting neighbours has also changed.

One way to collect Pacifiers is to tap Imaginary Bears not only in one’s Springfield, but also in other neighbours’ towns. However, sharp-eyed fans will see that buildings now have payouts once more.

This means two things. The first is that players can go back to tapping buildings in neighbours’ towns once they have used up all the available Imaginary Bears that yield Pacifiers every 24 hours. The second is that Vandalism is back in “TSTO,” which means that some players may want to be careful when tapping neighbours.

Since Building payouts are back, this also means that players may want to keep some of their buildings’ payouts intact for neighbours to collect. For those who have been using the IRS building for easier income and payout collection, it may be time to bring it back into the Inventory, if only to avoid over-collecting in towns and no longer leaving anything for neighbours to collect.

Finish remaining tasks, go back to Springfield Heights

Compared to the previous acts, the Maggie Act is undoubtedly less of a rush in terms of sending characters to tasks. So in the meantime, this would be a good time to accomplish all of the quests for the different prizes attained for the two previous acts. For those who need a little refresher, Act One produced Patches and Poor Violet, while Act Two had a new costume for Comic Book Guy, which is Festivus CBG.

Players may want to revisit either the Springfield Heights or the Rail Yard and the Monorail buildings. The Rail Yard continues to yield Monorail tracks and the five bonus donuts every week for players who are able to complete the five crafting stages. This is a great source of premium donuts to prepare for the next event, which may come sometime in February for Valentine’s, going by the event record of “TSTO.”

Springfield Heights also had a recent update just a short while prior to the debut of the Winter 2015 update. This has brought in new character Lindsey Naegle, as well as some new upgradeable buildings like the Private Island and the Exclusive Resort. It also brought the Ornate Pier, the Marketing Agency as an additional crafting material source and more decorations for players’ Springfield Heights.

The Maggie Act wraps up “The Simpsons Tapped Out” Christmas 2015 update. Maggie has been one of the most requested characters in the game, and developer Electronic Arts seems to have timed her arrival in the perfect way. For those who have already gotten her, Maggie’s animations are fun, starting with how she uses a red balloon to take her places instead of crawling her way all over Springfield.

"The Simpsons Tapped Out" Maggie (Credit: YouTube/HeyThereMrEdGaming)