street fighter ken resurrection
Ken in "Street Fighter V: Resurrection." Street Fighter Assassin's Fist facebook page

Now that “Street Fighter V” is a month away, it makes sense to reveal more details about the game’s live-action web series “Street Fighter V: Resurrection.” Sadly, details continue to be sparse about the web show, but new images were revealed, showing that classic “Street Fighter” characters Ryu and Ken would join Charlie in the series.

The pictures were revealed in the Facebook page of “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.” Both live-action web shows have the same people behind them, so fans of “Street Fighter” are probably excited for the companion show.

Fans who have been keeping a close eye on “Street Fighter V” will recognize Ken’s new look. The classic fighter has got a major wardrobe change; no longer wearing his classic red attire and now sporting longer hair and a black shirt, though his move set is still identical to what it used to be.

Ryu looks exactly the same, continuing to wear his white combat suit and red headband. This has been Ryu’s attire since the first “Street Fighter” game, though he did wear a white headband during the “Street Fighter Alpha” series, which is set before “Street Fighter II.”

Those who enjoyed “Assassin’s Fist” will be happy to know that Mike Moh and Christian Howard return as Ryu and Ken respectively, according to Shoryuken. Fans enjoyed the two actors when they portrayed the same characters during “Assassin’s Fist,” so seeing them in updated attires should please many fans.

While no story details have been given, it’s possible that the web series will be about Charlie, since it’s called “Resurrection.” The character has been presumed dead since it seemed like he died during the end of “Street Fighter: Alpha 3.”

This would also explain his new appearance and moveset, which look remarkably different from his normal moveset. If the series chooses to explore the events surrounding Charlie’s reappearance, it will end up being a worthwhile series to fans of the game.

“Street Fighter V” is slated for a Feb. 16 release on PS3 and PC. The “Resurrection” series will air on the YouTube channel of Machinima and will premier sometime in March.

Street Fighter: Resurrection – Coming March 2016! (Credit: YouTube/Machinima)