Killer Instinct
This is a screenshot of Killer Instinct gameplay available on the official Xbox website. Xbox

The Xbox One exclusive, “Killer Instinct: Season 3,” is set for release this year but a recent announcement confirmed that the PC version of the game will only be a Microsoft Windows 10 exclusive.

Video game developer Double Helix and publisher Microsoft have confirmed that they are planning to launch the third season of “Killer Instinct” on PC in March. The information was released through a Reddit thread that combines details shared by the two companies over the past few days. Microsoft and Double Helix may be planning to introduce a Dojo tutorial update along with several enhancements for the “Killer Instinct 3.”

The game will feature characters Kim Wu and Tusk. Players can also expect new retro-styled costumes. The third season of “Killer Instinct” will also bring a wide range of fighters to choose from.

Additionally, new tweaks and mechanics will be introduced with the “Killer Instinct: Season 3.” As usual, fan and community suggestions will be taken into consideration once the game hits the stores to determine the most interesting things about the game.

Double Helix has not confirmed any cross-platform release for “Killer Instinct: Season 3,” and only the release for Xbox One and Windows 10 are confirmed. The interview of Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen is available on Twitch (via Shoryuken), but the company has not even disclosed details about the additional merchandise to be offered with the game.

Meanwhile, the first season of the “Killer Instinct” is currently free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The game will be available for the month of January as a part of the Games with Gold program. Microsoft is offering many other free games for Xbox Gold members.

Killer Instinct Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)