A still from the TV series "Timeless." Facebook/ Timeless

The heroes will take another trip back into the past in “Timeless” episode 2. A preview video of the episode shows the team going back in time to April 14, 1865, which is a day before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

[Spoiler alert]

Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) stole a time machine in the premiere episode and went back in time to change the Hindenburg accident. The villain didn’t want to stop the accident from happening, but wanted to change the timing. That change had a huge impact on the timeline with dangerous consequences to the US.

So, when Garcia goes back in time in episode 2, he may not want to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Michael Krebs), but make minor changes that will be enough to have the impact he is looking for. The villain has teamed up with the Nazis, but his true motivations and intentions are still not known.

Historian Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) has some connection to Garcia, which is again teased in the preview video of “Timeless” episode 2. The villain had previously told her that she will work with him in the future, and in the next episode he will tell her not to come in his way again.

Lucy lost her sister because of the disruption in the timeline, after Garcia’s meddling. She is keen on getting things back to the way they were in the next episode. She will meet with the villain again in the next episode, and point out to him that he is working with the Nazis. However, the two appear to be bonding, and this is a cause for concern for Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett).

The preview video of “Timeless” episode 3 shows Logan telling Lucy to figure out what she is fighting for. According to the synopsis of the episode, the team will debate about whether they should stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln or not.