“Super Mario Maker” should get ready for some new features coming to the game. A new update, version 1.43, has been deployed and it brings some tweaks instead of new content. Most of the changes have something to do with the way a player organises levels and searches for them in “Super Mario Maker.”

According to Siliconera, the update has brought in a new difficulty filter. This way, “Super Expert” is now one of the options for choosing a difficulty in a “Super Mario Maker” level. This replaces Expert as the highest rank so far.

The developer has also removed one way of organising the courses. Instead of having “Weekly” and “All-Time” as the options, only the latter ca be used as an option.

Finally, the Star Ranking for list of levels will now be sorted on the number of stars that a course has received in relation to the number of people who have played the levels. This is a nice change, as it takes into consideration the rating of a variety of people, and not only relying on high ratings by a few, particularly for newly released levels.

Besides the new update, it seems that players can also look forward to new skins, if a new data-mining find is to be believed. Nintendo Life reported that one data-miner had managed to unearth Callie and Marie, the two Squid Sisters, as potential upcoming skins for “Super Mario Maker.”

A screenshot of the two new costumes can be seen in the link above. It seems that, if the new find is official, these will be the new Mystery Mushroom Costumes. This may not come as a surprise to fans, as the two Squid Sisters have just been announced as the new amiibo figure additions, set to debut on July 8. They do look cool as “Super Mario Maker” skins, with their matching green and pink outfits.