The love story of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) finally came into focus in “Suits” season 7's mid-season finale. The consequences of that one little kiss will be felt in the remaining six episodes set to air next year.

In an interview with Deadline, executive producer Aaron Korsh explained that the kiss in the mid-season finale was all about Donna wanting to figure out what exactly she wanted. She put her feelings above that of Harvey’s and went for the kiss, knowing he is currently in a relationship and has strong feelings about fidelity.

In the next six episodes, the two will have to deal with the consequences of that kiss, as well as Donna’s intention of putting her needs above that of Harvey’s for a change. Should Paula (Christina Cole) be worried? She probably has to be, according to Korsh. However, the producer asked fans to wait and watch what happens on the show to find out.

Apart from the Darvey love story, the other romance storyline involves Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila (Rachael Harris). Korsh said that Sheila will be back in the six remaining episodes of season 7, and the producers have apparently planned some “fun stuff” for these two.

Will the short-tempered Louis barge in during Sheila’s wedding ceremony and profess his undying love? Korsh joked about this possibility when they talked about the future of the character, but they have no plans to use the idea on the show.

On the business side of things in “Suits” season 7, the lawyers will face a new set of challenges. Andy Malik is a formidable lawyer, but his fight with Harvey is done for now. Korsh, however, said that he may be brought in at a later stage.