A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

Faced with a difficult problem, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) will do what he does best in “Suits” season 7 episode 8. Instead of going with the options presented to him, the young lawyer will make his own way and create a new option for himself and his friends. The preview video of the next episode shows how he may have come up with a plan to deal with the problem.

Mike is not willing to give up the pro bono case of the prisons, especially since he has been on the other side of the bars and knows what it feels like to be an inmate. Harvey (Gabriel Macht), on the other hand, wants to protect his friend Alex (Dulé Hill), who has been set up by his firm as the scapegoat in case things go bad.

The preview video on YouTube shows Mike telling Harvey he may have a plan. Whatever the lawyers are up to, Rachel (Meghan Markle) wants to be part of it. Their plan may get dangerous for everyone involved, especially for Alex, who’s more concerned about leaving his family if he goes to jail.

The other storyline in the episode is that of Donna’s (Sarah Rafferty) reaction to Harvey dating his therapist. She will now try to put her former boss behind her and reconnect with an ex. She will also have an awkward meeting with the therapist.

Meanwhile, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) has his own problems to deal with. While trying to resolve an issue for the firm, he unexpectedly meets someone. Will he meet a person he once knew and loved?

“Suits” season 7 episode 8 is the 100th episode of the show. The producers have been posting videos about the journey so far. The cast members also appeared in one of these videos and got nostalgic about what they have been able to achieve together.

Credit: Suits/ Facebook