A poster of "Suits" TV series. Facebook/ Suits

After intense drama in the past few episodes, “Suits” season 7 episode 9 feels a lot more relaxed. The funny and more interesting aspect in the next episode titled “Shame” is the highs-and-lows of quirky lawyer Louis (Rick Hoffman).

Louis has been getting help from a therapist, but he’s still finding it difficult to deal with minor issues in the office. Even the slightest hint of disrespect is enough for him to pick a fight needlessly, even when he’s reminded by others not to do it.

The preview video of the next episode (see below) shows Louis picking another fight, then talking about it with one of the associates at the firm. While this may be the wacky side of the lawyer, there’s also a soft side the fans will get to see.

Gretchen (Aloma Wright) has been an efficient secretary, and Louis will start to appreciate her talents. The lawyer has his own way of showing his appreciation. When he asks the secretary for a hug, she declines him by saying it’s too soon for that.

On the more serious side of the plot, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will fight another case in court. The preview video shows him celebrating another victory, but Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) don’t see it that way. They try to warn the managing partner that his opponent is “sneaky and conniving,” but the advice falls on deaf ears.

The previous episode of “Suits” was a big milestone as this is the 100th from the long-running show. The episode was directed by Adams, and a picture of the actor working the camera has been released online. With just one more episode left before the mid-season finale, the plot may set up the events of the rest of the season.

Credit: Facebook/ Suits