A picture of Patrick J. Adams (left) as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht (right) as Harvey Specter in "Suits" TV series.
A picture of Patrick J. Adams (left) as Mike Ross and Gabriel Macht (right) as Harvey Specter in "Suits" TV series. Facebook/SUITSonUSA

A preview video of “Suits” Season 6 episode 9 has been released online. The video teases more trouble for Mike. Meanwhile, Jessica gets serious about the Innocence Project case.

[Spoiler alert]

Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze) is keen on getting out of prison early. After threatening Mike (Patrick J. Adams) multiple times he will get to meet with Harvey (Gabriel Macht) in the next episode. The preview video shows what appears to be a parole hearing.

The convict warns his lawyer again in the video by saying that if Harvey leaves him out to dry in the hearing; the former will put Mike into the ground. The lawyer had previously planned to get his friend out of prison before there is any need to take action on Frank’s case.

“I didn’t sign on to get someone killed,” Mike tells Harvey in the preview video. The preview indicates that there may be some complications when it comes to his deal with Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough). It is not clear what additional demands are made of the former lawyer, but Harvey is keen on seeing him get released.

Sean will meet with Mike again in “Suits” Season 6 episode 9. The former lawyer remarks that Sean is abusing his power. The angry District Attorney goes on to threaten to pull the deal that gets Mike out.

Meanwhile, Jessica (Gina Torres) gets serious about saving the life of the man she and Rachel (Meghan Markle) believe to be innocent. She appears to meet with the defence lawyer who tried the case years ago. The defence lawyer says that she did everything she could to prove her client’s innocence, but she fails to convince Jessica.

There is just one episode left in “Suits” Season 6, before the mid-season finale. The show will return again in January.

Credit: YouTube/ SuitsonUSA