A picture of Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen from the TV series "Arrow." Facebook/ Arrow

Stephen Amell has teased that he will be playing three versions of his character Oliver in “Arrow” Season 5. A previously released trailer of the show teased a new costume for the character.

[Spoiler alert]

Amell (Oliver Queen) has been actively talking about the show on Twitter. The actor recently revealed that he wrapped filming episode 97. He teased that most times he gets to play only two versions of Oliver, but this time it will be three. He did not elaborate on what he meant.

Credit: Twitter/ Stephen Amell

In the past the TV series has shown Oliver as the superhero of the present and there have been flashbacks that reveal the character’s journey to become the superhero. Will there be a third dimension to this aspect of storytelling?

A previously released trailer of the new season teased a new superhero costume of Oliver. The costume will now feature leather sleeves, something which has not been seen for a long time on the show. After a lacklustre response to the previous season, the producers appear to be gearing up to revive the fan interest with “Arrow” Season 5, by getting back to what made the show likeable in the beginning.

Credit: YouTube/ The CW Television Network

The show promises to get back to some gritty street action. The new criminal element in Star City is the Mob, and the flashbacks will take Oliver to Russia. The fans will finally learn how the hero got the bratva tattoo.

There will also be some high drama. Amell revealed that sometimes before a big Friday on the show he watches the last episode of “Sex and the City” to get motivated. With Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) reaming as the last two members of the team; there is still some hope for Olicity.

Amell revealed in another tweet that he finished reading the script of 100th episode of the show. He said that it was both an honour and pleasure to get this opportunity. “Arrow” Season 5 returns on Oct. 5.