A preview video of “Suits” season 6 episode 13 has been released online. The scenes show Harvey attempting to solve a new problem related to Mike. But, the help involves some risk, which Mike may not be keen on taking. Meanwhile, Benjamin is back, and this time he will be seen in a hilarious flirting scene.

The following article contains spoilers from the next episode of “Suits,” based on preview videos. Readers who don’t want to know what happens next on the show should stop here.

The first preview video [see below] reveals that Rachel (Meghan Markle) has been rejected from entering the Bar. She has been concerned about the Ethics Committee failing her because of her relationship with Mike (Patrick J. Adams). Her worst fears appear to have come true, but she may not go down without a fight.

Louis (Rick Hoffman) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) appear to be helping Rachel, unless the preview video is showing them dealing with another problem related to Mike. Harvey plans to get Mike into the Bar in “Suits” season 6 episode 13. With the source of the problem getting a license to practice law, the Ethics Committee will have no reason to block Rachel’s application.

Mike, however, is reluctant to agree with Harvey. There is a catch to the plan, and the former lawyer is not ready to risk going to prison again. It is not clear what the plan is to overturn the agreement that let Mike out of prison. The character is forbidden to practice law again, and Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) has made it her personal mission to keep things that way.

The partners at the firm continue to be distracted with issues that are not directly related to growing the business. After reconnecting with his mother, Harvey decided to manage the firm together with Louis (Rick Hoffman) in the previous episode.

Meanwhile, the second video [see below] is a scene from the next episode. The IT guy Benjamin (David Reale) is back, and the scene shows him having a funny conversation with Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

Knowing that the young man is always focused on work, and doesn’t have much fun at the office; Donna relentlessly flirts with him. Benjamin has to retreat quickly, without explaining how to do a “hard restart,” because Donna would just continue to focus on the “wrong words” and tease him more.

“Suits” season 6 episode 13 is titled “Teeth, Nose, Teeth.” It will air on Feb. 8 in the US. The show can be watched on the Universal Channel on Foxtel in Australia.

Credit: Facebook/ Suits