Street Fighter V
"Street Fighter V" will have a DLC that will showcase the F-16. Capcom

Offline players for “Street Fighter V” will not be limited to what the current activities in the campaign. Capcom has reassured fans that it will be rolling out more content offline to build on single-player content of “Street Fighter V.”

Engadget has quoted an upcoming Game Informer interview with Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono, who had clarified that ore free content is set to come this year. The missing arcade experience, which will pit “Street Fighter V” players against AI enemies, is currently being explored by the developer.

While there is no definite release date of this update, this is surely some bit of good news for fans. When “Street Fighter V” came out, several players were immensely disappointed when the Arcade Mode was missing from the game. In fact, some have even argued that “Street Fighter V,” when it first came out, did not offer the wide array of content that it should have.

So it’s a good thing that the developer is even hinting at unannounced gameplay content that offline players can enjoy for free. This hints that “Street Fighter V” post-launch content even in the coming months will still be unlockable via gameplay alone.

From the looks of the announcement, Capcom may be learning from the mistakes and feedback from the community. Hopefully, this assures a beefier content release later on.

In other “Street Fighter V” news, Capcom has also revealed some designs of characters who did not make it to the final cut. One of these is Gen’s disciple, an ambitious fighter w is said to have succeeded in the style of Ansatsuken martial arts. According to the translation obtained by Eventhubs, it seems that this disciple had attacked Gen while he was ill, all for his ambition. This disciple, though unnamed, had been known as Akuma’s rival, and even an alleged dark hero against Necalli, who was a newcomer to the “Street Fighter V” franchise.

Capcom has also revealed a few early designs of characters who did not make the cut in “Street Fighter V.” Among these characters is one literary master, a president and a Shadaloo soldier. There are also some early designs for two characters. F.A.N.G. looked a lot more toned down. Gone are his mad scientist shades and hat, and the early design actually made F.A.N.G. looked a lot younger.

Laura also had a lot of early designs, including one where she is actually a male fighter who was more of a soccer fighter that shared similarities with Robert. Her other early designs include a playful Careless Sexy-chan who apparently rips her own clothes when fighting and uses mechanical tools as weapons. There’s also Vavo-chan, another LAuura design that looked very macho despite her daring outfit.

The sketches can be seen in the link above. These are mostly pencil sketches, though some are coloured in like the Shadaloo soldier, which, in the words of the developer, looks like a character from “Alien vs. Predator.”