The Division
Ubisoft will punish players who exploit glitches in "The Division." Ubisoft

The battle against cheaters in “The Division.” This time, Ubisoft has already given a deadline on when it plans to deal with cheaters in the game.

In a comprehensive blog update, Ubisoft had confirmed that it will be doling out punishment as early as this week. There are only two warnings for cheaters. The first time they do it will warrant a warning, while the second one will already result in a permanent ban.

Ubisoft has already put a new cheat detection system in place. What this does is to identify more plays who are using cheat engines to get ahead in the game. Additionally, when cheaters are caught, there is now a new mechanic on how the ban will work. The first offense will now bring a 14-day suspension, a big change from the previous three-day initial suspension.

The cheat engine seems to be working very well that the developer is looking at rolling out the biggest wave of bans and suspensions to date. This is not a surprising action from Ubisoft, considering how, ever since glitches and cheats for the Incursion update has been patched, more glitches were found to take its place.

Ubisoft has given a statement on what has been happening with the bugs found in “The Division.” According to the developer, it will be trying its best to simulate the gaming experience and spot bugs in the process. But since there are some that get in the way, the developer has also vowed to have more frequent updates on their plans regarding fixing bugs. In the meantime, while a fix is being prepared, the team has also asked players to avoid exploiting the bug until a fix is rolled out.

This appears to be just one of the many plans that Ubisoft has for the game. According to VG 247, there are also plans to improve on the PvE aspect, which is currently the one where players will not likely be bombarded by the many different bugs and glitches used by some players.

The source has quoted “The Division” Community Developer Hamish Bode, who had stated that there will be changes to the PvE area. This will serve as a big break for those who do not want to enter the Dark Zone until the glitches have been fixed.

What these changes are, Ubisoft has yet to confirm. There is no confirmation yet if this will come with the promised DLC or if the developer is cooking something up for “The Division” players to have another distraction while the game is being purged of cheaters.

"The Division" punishment for cheaters (Credit: YouTube/Skilled Apple)