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'X-Factor Australia' Season 7 contender 'In Stereo' Twitter/X-Factor Australia

In Stereo’s journey on Season 7 of “X-Factor Australia” ended during Tuesday’s live decider show after a singing showdown with duo Jess and Matt. Despite being voted off, the group “loved every minute” of their time on the competition and are looking forward to release more original content in the future.

The three member band--comprised of Chris Lanzon, Jakob Delgado and Ethan Karpathy may not have fulfilled their dream to win “X-Factor Australia” Season 7 but they considered it an achievement to be a part of the competition’s top 8. In Stereo’s Karpathy told PopSugar in an interview after their Tuesday elimination that the band “couldn’t be happier” to reach that position and even calls it an “awesome achievement.”

In an “#AskInStereo” forum hosted by “X-Factor Australia” through their official Twitter account, the band also shared that they “learnt so much” from the competition. This was in response to a fan who asked about the “one thing [that they] have taken away from [their] “X-Factor Australia” experience.

“We've grown as friends and musicians and loved every minute,” the three member singing group added.

In Stereo has been one of the fans’ favourites in “X-Factor Australia” Season 7 and the support that the band received from their followers is something that In Stereo found so “amazing.”

“The fan attention is, like, I think, the greatest thing about this experience. The support is so amazing... Our lives have changed because now we have the ability to do what we love, and that is music. We can release our original things and have people who want to hear it,” band member Karpathy told PopSugar.

The future seems bright for In Stereo, given the fan base that they built with their “X-Factor Australia” exposure. Their loyal followers will surely appreciate hearing the band’s upcoming new songs, which In Stereo said is something that they plan to release soon. Band member Delgado told Pop Sugar that they will “continue writing our original stuff and very soon release some content.”

Delgado even commented that being on “X-Factor Australia” has helped the band discover what they want to do with their music. He stated that before entering the reality competition the group didn’t have a clear understanding of what they wanted to do as a band.

“But after the show and all the things we did on The X’s really helped us understand, and get to know our sound,” Delgado added.

The fifth live show of “X-Factor Australia” will air on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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