Jimmy Davis breaks silence and comments on “X-Factor Australia” judge Guy Sebastian’s “disappointing” message on Twitter.

“X-Factor Australia” eliminated contestant Davies took to Facebook on Thursday, Oct. 15, to explain his side of the story, following an interview in which he labelled the competition a “game show.” A comment, which judge Sebastian took notice of, and shared on Twitter how disappointed he was with Davis.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Davis wrote how he has a “somewhat independent personality” and has always been “one to speak [his] mind.” He shared how a “very casual conversation” with a journalist became “a tainted farewell.”

“Some things were taken out of context and people who I respect have been hurt; and most importantly, it has given off the impression that I am not grateful for all the opportunities that X Factor has given to me,” he wrote. “The show has been an absolutely life changing experience for me. I have learned so much in the past few months...”

Apart from his Facebook message, Davis also took to Twitter in a message addressed to
“X-Factor Australia” judge Sebastian. He wrote, “I hope you have read my status I posted to facebook. You of all people should know how these things can be twisted.” The aspiring singer even added a link of his Facebook post in the Twitter message.

“And what I mean by ‘You of all people’ (because you're eager to jump the gun) is you have more experience with this kind of press,” he continued. “On that note @GuySebastian it hurts when you say that doing the song my way is what got me voted out (implying it wasn't good enough)...”

The season 7 “X-Factor Australia” judge acknowledged Davis post and responded on Twitter that he understands how the media can be. Sebastian went on asking Davis to find a statement in the former Australian Idol winner’s 12 years in the industry, in which he “bag out the show” that “gave [him] this life” or the people that invested in him. Sebastian stated, “Once again it's someone else's fault.”

“They can't twist quotes Jimmy,” he added, before mentioned how he warned Davis about it and that they should “chat in person.”

Meanwhile, only eight contenders are left in season 7 of the “X-Factor Australia.” This week’s live performance show will have them doing a rock performance, in a bid to gain votes from fans.

The next episode of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 airs on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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