“X-Factor Australia” judge Guy Sebastian expressed his disappointment on Twitter over eliminated contender Jimmy Davis’ comments on how the competition is like a “game show.”

Sebastian posted several messages on Twitter on Wednesday, Oct. 14, after Davis commented in an interview that he didn’t have control over the songs that he sang during the competition and labelled the show’s format as a “game show,” Daily Telegraph reported. Sebastian wrote, “How incredibly disappointing. After all the time and love people invested in you. Having humility and gratitude is invaluable.”

The season 7 “X-Factor Australia” judge added that it was a “slap to the face” to undermine the effort of people who fought for and helped Davis during the competition. The 21 year old ousted contender was mentored by Chris Isaak during his stint in the show. Sebastian continued, “Ironically, the week he chose the song and arrangement was the week he got the lowest votes.”

The Australian singer and songwriter also commented on Twitter how Davis even enjoyed several opportunities from “X-Factor Australia” such being given exposure, mentorship and the opportunity to be flown around the world. Sebastian wrote that Davis did a turn around and “[made] false statements.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s Twitter comments gained mixed reactions from fans, where a few “X-Factor Australia” fans wrote that they agreed with Sebastian. Twitter user Marlene Bryan wrote, “I agree Guy. This is the first time I've ever heard a deleted contestant blame everyone but himself.” However, some are in disagreement on how the “X-Factor Australia” judge handled the situation.

Twitter user Bella wrote, “Jimmy did an amazing thing by taking a stand. And you're taking to social media to drag his name through the mud.” She also alluded that media will “twist and take words out of context” just to make a story “appear more controv[er]sial.”

She added, “@GuySebastian you're online slagging off a contestant for having things taken out of context. You know media. You should know @JimmyTheButt.”

This week's double elimination show held Tuesday saw the departure of two “X-Factor Australia” contenders, namely Georgia Denton and Davis. Denton was automatically eliminated after receiving the least number of votes, while judges Dannii Minogue, James Blunt and Sebastian voted to send Davis home after an impressive singing showdown with Mahalia Simpson.

The next episode of “X-Factor Australia” season 7 airs on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

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