“X-Factor Australia” season 7 has one less contestant in its roster, after the judges voted to send the Fisher Boys home.

Tuesday’s “X-Factor Australia” was a tough night for mentor and judge Guy Sebastian, when two acts from his team landed at the bottom two, Pop Sugar stated. The duo Jess & Matt, as well as the Fisher Boys, had the least number of votes after Monday night’s performance.

In Tuesday’s singing showdown, Jess & Matt impressed the judges with their rendition of Crowded House's "Fall at Your Feet." However, the Fisher Boys’ performance of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody," failed to wow judges Dannii Minogue, James Blunt and Chris Isaak. The three unanimously voted them off “X-Factor Australia” season 7.

When Pop Sugar asked how the four brother singing group felt, Tyler, the oldest amongst the Fisher Boys’, said that they felt “good” despite being eliminated. “We're feeling good!” He added, “Well, actually, we wanted to win. But at the same time all of Australia knows who The Fisher Boys are, so that's the plus side.”

Bradford, the 18 year old member of the Fisher Boys’ also told Pop Sugar how they learned so much from their “X-Factor Australia” journey. “We’ve learnt so much,” he said. “Especially from their positive feedback, coming from them as mentors on The X Factor. I mean, they’ve lived it you know? They’re living it.”

Despite failing to get into the final rounds of the competition, the future seems bright for the singing group. The Fisher Boys’ shared with Pop Sugar how “X-Factor Australia” judge Isaak told them, after Tuesday’s show, that he’s thinking of having the four brothers do the opening act for his shows and tours. The four brothers even said that they’ve received various offers to perform in events and corporate functions.

Meanwhile, only ten contenders are left in season 7 of “X-Factor Australia,” Rickey reported. These are Cyrus Villanueva, Georgia Denton, Mahalia Simpson, Louise Adams, In Stereo, Big T, Michaela Baranov, Jimmy Davis, Natalie Conway and the singing duo Jess & Matt.

“X-Factor Australia” airs live on Monday at 7:30pm.

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