Cyrus Villanueva
X Factor Australia Season 7 contestant - Cyrus Villanueva X Factor Australia Twitter page

Sunday’s “X-Factor Australia” featured amazing performances from some of the competition’s Top 12 contenders, but one of the moments that shocked and confused viewers was host Luke Jacobz’s awkward “boyfriend” question to contender Cyrus Villanueva.

Villanueva had performed a soulful rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”, which was one of the show stoppers during season 7’s first live show held Sunday. even described Villanueva as a singer with “humble swagger” -- someone who exudes a nice guy persona but turns on the “swagger” once he’s performing.

While fans were impressed with the 23 year old student’s performance, they weres left baffled over “X-Factor Australia” host Luke Jacobz’s awkward question. According to , after Villanueva performed the Bieber hit song, Jacobz asked if the singer would be his boyfriend in an attempt to inject a little humour. However, the host’s question caught Villanueva by surprise, and he replied with a stunned “Yours?”

Some “X-Factor Australia” fans also took to social media to share their bewilderment over Jacobz’s awkward question. took notice of Twitter fan Sam Foote’s post, who wrote, “Did @lukejacobz just come out on live tv?” However, “X-Factor Australia” fan Chris Gordon-Walker, saw the host’s attempt at humour and shared on Twitter that he laughed over the incident. Gordon-Walker also wrote, “@lukejacobz knows how to make things awkward on live TV.”

The majority of Twitter comments posted was on how “awkward” Jacobz’s question was, including @MICHELangieLO post, “Luke you awkward man.” However, Twitter user John Caldwell wrote, “[People] need to lay off @lukejacobz the "boyfriend" question was clearly a joke hosting in front of a live audience is bloody hard.”

Other season 7 “X-Factor Australia” contenders who impressed fans and judges alike during Sunday’s live show included Louise Adams, Natalie Conway and Jimmy Davis. The reality singing competition will return on Tuesday, Sept. 29 with its first round of eliminations.

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