Star Wars Resistance
A poster of the animation TV series "Star Wars Resistance." Official Star Wars website

A new extended trailer of “Star Wars: Resistance” has been released online. The video gives the fans the first glimpse of the building of the First Order’s Starkiller Base. General Leia is also featured in the video.

The plot of the upcoming TV series is about a young pilot named Kaz (Voice by Christopher Sean) working on a Colossus, a massive refuelling station that attracts pilots from across the galaxy to participate in its deadly races. His secret mission, however, is to spy on the First Order.

The Starkiller base, which hosts a massive weapon that encompasses the whole planet, is still under construction in the timeline of the TV series. The trailer [see below] teases a scene of the planet, and it is being guarded by a few Star Destroyers.

The Resistance will get proof that the First Order is building massive weapons, but it isn’t clear if they get any hints about the destructive capabilities of some of the weapons they are building.

The fans get a first look at General Leia, the leader of the Resistance movement. She is aware of the danger, and will start enlisting all the help she can get to prepare for the eventually war against the First Order.

On the lighter side of things, the TV series is the story of Kaz, who dreams of becoming an Ace pilot. He will get his chance while working as a mechanic at the Colossus.

Some of the dangers that the pilots of the Colossus have to face include huge alien creatures and a group of unusually well equipped pirates. Is the First Order aiding the pirates to take over the refuelling station?

Apart from the racing, and the fights against the pirates, there are also space battles to look forward to in “Star Wars: Resistance.” The TV series is set to premiere on Oct. 7.

Credit: Star Wars/ YouTube