Star Wars Resistance
A poster of the animation TV series "Star Wars Resistance." Official Star Wars website

A big part of “Star Wars: Resistance” will be about space ship racing. A new featurette video that has been released online teases the best team on the Colossus, a refuelling station on the Outer Rim that is a hub for racing.

The video [see below] teases team Aces, which comprises of the pilots whose primary task is to defend Colossus from any outside threats. When they are not fighting enemies, the team takes part in the races to pass the time. Showcreator Dave Filoni counts them as the top among the best pilots in the galaxy.

One of the best pilots on the platform, and a part of team Aces, is Hype Fazon (voice by Donald Faison). Filoni said that he created this character around the actor. Faison said that his character is a little cocky and full of himself. The logos of all the sponsors on his suit are an indication of how good he is.

Faison pointed out that his character is more than just a typical overconfident pilot. Hype actually cares about his fellow pilots against whom he races.

There is an ex-Imperial TIE fighter in team Aces. Stephen Stanton plays Griff Halloran, an older guy in the team. Stanton said that his character is a little rough around the edges. The character uses a modified TIE fighter in the races.

The most important character in team Aces that the fans should keep an eye on is Torra Doza (Voice by Myrna Velasco), the youngest pilot in the team. She is a talented pilot, but what she really wants is to make some friends. She will become friends with the show’s protagonist Kaz (Voice by Christopher Sean).

The plot of the new TV series is set a few years before the events in “The Force Awakens.” Kaz is on a secret mission to spy on the First Order, which is a rising threat to the galaxy at this time.

Credit: Star Wars/ YouTube