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The official title of “Star wars: Episode 8” is the same as the name of a non-canon novel from the Legends books. The Facebook page of the books of the franchise was quick to address any concerns, and explained that the title was not “stolen.” The plot and the setting are also vastly different.

The post on the Facebook page suggested that the title of the film was not inspired by the book. The post came with the caveat that they could be wrong. The title of the film was recently revealed to be “The Last Jedi,” which is an obvious reference to Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

The Legends book that the post was referring to is the novel “The Last Jedi” by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnoff, which was released in 2013. The plot of the movie is based on events right after Palpatine reorganised the Republic into a Galactic Empire. The story follows Jax Pavan, who is the last Jedi to actively fight the Empire and Darth Vader, with his underground movement in Coruscant.

The plot of “Star Wars: Episode 8” will have nothing to do with the events in the Legends novel, because the novel is set in the past. The movie is set decades after the death of Palpatine and Darth Vader. The first act of the movie is set to take the viewers back to Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker has been staying for a long time.

The upcoming movie will also focus on the possible training of Rey (Daisy Ridley) as the next Jedi apprentice under Luke. The First Jedi Temple may also be featured in the film, and may connect to the new storyline in a big way.

Meanwhile, “Star Wars: Episode 8” director Rian Johnson has teased the opening crawl of the movie online. The film is currently being edited, and the team is preparing to launch the first trailer, which is expected to be released in April at the Celebrations event.

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