'Star Wars: Episode 8' theory: Supreme Leader Snoke and Leia connection

By @sachintrivedig on
'Star Wars'
Carrie Fisher poses for cameras as she arrives at the European Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Leicester Square, London, December 16, 2015. Reuters/Paul Hackett

More theories about “Star Wars: Episode 8” have surfaced online. A new theory talks about the connection between Supreme Leader Snoke and Leia. While the first movie in the new trilogy introduced the leader of the First Order to be the main villain, very little has been revealed about his back story and how he knows Ben Solo and the others.

[Spoiler alert]

One of the scenes in “The Force Awakens” showed Leia (Carrie Fisher) telling Han Solo (Harrison Ford) that it was Supreme Leader Snoke’s (Andy Serkis) fault for seducing their son to the Dark Side. A theory posted on the YouTube channel of Mike Zeroh builds on that scene, which had suggested that Leia knew the character.

Mike believes that Han Solo did not know about Snoke, and only learnt about him through his wife. The theory expects the next movie to explore how Leia knew the leader of the First Order.

The theory explains that Snoke will not talk or gloat about his past in “Star Wars: Episode 8.” So, the movie will have to use another character to build up the villain by revealing some of the back story. Mike believes that Leia will be the right character to do that in the film.

The identity of Snoke is a big talking point about the next movie. Mike points out that it is really hard to pin point the back ground of the character, given the precious little information that has been teased in “The Force Awakens” and the canon books of the franchise.

Meanwhile, a theory posted on the YouTube channel of Dash Star suggests that Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Leia. Dash points out how Leia pushed her husband to get Ben Solo (Adam Driver) back if he sees him, and on the other hand the leader of First Order pushed Kylo Ren to kill his father. So, Leia could be playing both sides of the war, just like Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) did in the prequel trilogy.